Last year I was given the opportunity to intern during the summer at Pearson in their financial planning and analysis team. This rewarding experience encouraged me to apply again this year in another branch, this time internal audit.

The great thing about the Internship team and Pearson is the ability to diversify your experience, which has helped provide great clarity and understanding on different career options available and gave me a greater understanding of accessibility to prospects.

One of the main changes that I loved this year was the transition back into hybrid working, compared to last year where the role was fully remote due to the pandemic. Along with this experience, I have had the honour to support new interns during my second year and would like to share Lisandra’s story of this summer with you...

My Time in Treasury – Lisandra Theodoro:

1. Is this your first internship, and what were your initial expectations of this internship?

No, it was not my first internship. I had the opportunity to work with a startup sustainable toothbrush company called Toothbuckle, helping with email marketing. The role was advertised on the Talent Development Centre, and I spent 3 months helping with email campaigns.

My expectations of working with Pearson were to really go in and absorb what Treasury is all about. I really wanted to explore whether I could see myself working in Finance and if I did, would Treasury be the department for me.

2. If you could give advice to students looking to gain internship experience, what would that advice be?

I would say engage with the Talent Development team. Check out their events and blogs. Remember, to also take advantage of the 1-1 internship and career advice sessions.

I’m also a part of the Internships LinkedIn group, where opportunities such as my Finance internship got posted. Definitely worth joining. On another note, also be open to any opportunity whether big or small. You never know where it might lead you.

3. What were some of the key highlights of your summer internship experience in Pearson’s Treasury department?

Some of my highlights include:

· Meeting with Pearson Relationship Banks, had the opportunity to shadow conversations with BNP Paribas and ANZ.

· I assisted on a project that involved opening accounts for a new M&A made by Pearson.

· I got to learn how to use Treasury systems, used when working on management of cash, bank data, FX rates, daily reconciliation and forecasts.

· I also got to attend tech week to check out anything that could help our treasury department.

· Dinner with the CFO Sally Johnson.

· Meeting CEO Andy Bird in the office.

· Sessions with Vice Presidents from other Finance functions

· We also had a networking event with interns from other departments

4. Tell us your 3 top tips to making the most out of an internship experience

Put yourself out there and really immerse yourself in everything you want to be a part of. As an intern you’re in the best position ever, if you want to shadow, assist or even have a chat, don’t be afraid to ask. Despite being in treasury, I expressed interest in wanting to meet with someone from M&A, and got the opportunity to have a coffee chat with the Vice President.

Know what you want to gain out of it, don’t be scared to make it known. 4 out of 9 of the Finance interns got a job at Pearson, all because they expressed the desire for it. I haven’t finished university yet and after expressing further interest in a career in treasury, the team offered me the opportunity to come back some days a week to continue my work.

On another note of knowing what you want to gain out of your internship. Be prepared! I reached to the treasury intern from last year on LinkedIn to have a chat on expectations and have an understanding of what it was like. On top of giving me an overview, he had some great advice which I took onboard to make the most of out of my experience!

5. How would you describe your experience with Pearson College London’s Talent Development Team?

I’ve always had an amazing experience with Pearson College London's Talent Development team. All my opportunities so far have been found through them. For example, I also volunteer at a charity called Studenteer that helps students find work experience by pairing them with Charities in need of help with projects.

Also in January of this year, I got to go to Brazil through the International Business School programme. All of these opportunities have allowed me to grow s professionally and personally, so I thank the team for all the work they do to get students career ready.

By Dillon Chuhan and Lisandra Garcia Mariano Theodoro (Final year students)