About me

Hi there, my name is Eden and I’m a second year Game Art student studying at Escape Studios. If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably panicking about which degree you want to go into. Don’t fear as this blog gives you some helpful tips on how to decide on your final discipline! Read ahead to learn my advice for choosing the right degree for you.


My first piece of advice for prospective students out there would be that at Escape Studios, our first year is all the same no matter what degree you choose. This means you get to experience Game Art, VFX and Animation in bite-sized month long modules!

This also means that you have the opportunity to switch degrees during the first year. I have lots of friends who went from game art to VFX, and vice versa! This system is really helpful if you’re unsure on what degree you want to pursue, as it gives you the opportunity to try them all before making your final decision.

Making your decision

Adding on to my first point, my second piece of advice would be to maximise your experiences with each discipline. By this I mean ask lots of questions, fully explore the software you are using and make the most of the time you have during the module.

Even if you don’t end up going down a particular route, you will still benefit from learning these skills in another discipline! On top of this, by making the most out of your time during the modules, you will confidently be able to make a decision on the degree you want to take.


My final piece of advice would be to not choose a degree, just because that’s what all your friends are doing. Remember this is your future, and it’s important that you make decisions that put you first.

Whilst it may seem scary, even if you end up choosing a different degree from your friends, you will still be able to interact with them. VFX and Animation students work on certain projects together in second and third year, and in my own personal experience I’m moving in with my friends who are choosing to do VFX! So, if you make the effort, you can continue to maintain and enjoy these friendships you have made in your first year at Escape Studios.

Hopefully, this blog helps you in your decision-making process. Whichever degree you decide on, I know you will have a fantastic and rewarding time studying at Escape Studios. See you in September!

By Eden Anthony, second-year Game Art student