Hi! My name is Mia, and I have just finished my second year studying Business Management with Marketing at Pearson College London. In this blog, I will be showcasing a different option of University, as many people forget that you do not always have to move away from home.

Personally, I have had the best experience commuting to London for University and living at home as I believe it gives me so much choice – and here are some of the reasons why…

Friends and Family

For me, the thought of moving away from home was a bit daunting as I am so close with my friends and family. Therefore commuting to campus is the best option, as this allows me to still see and go out with my friends and family at home, but also have the University experience and go out with my University friends!

For example, after our lectures and seminars, we like to have a break and go out for some food. Because Pearson College London is located in central London, our options of where to go are endless! However, my favourite place is Pizza Union which is an affordable pizza restaurant located opposite campus. Not only this, we also love to go on nights out and do different bar crawls! One of my favourite bars to go to is Bar Elba, which I first discovered by going to one of the Pearson College London social events.

On a weekend, I like spending some family time and chilling with them, whilst also catching up with my friends from home.  I love having this balance and being able to still see everyone! This also allows me to still visit the places I love at home as well. One of my favourite places to visit at home is the beach.


Another advantage is that I also get a choice with my studying. I love going to University to study with my friends, as it is a great way to help and bounce ideas off of each other. We find it helps to set 20-minute timers of silent time to work, otherwise we can get carried away with talking! Another advantage of studying on campus is that we have access to many textbooks in our reading area, that are always helpful to have on hand.

On the other hand, sometimes I prefer studying by myself and getting on with my work with no distractions. To do this, I either find a quiet place at home or I like going to my local coffee shop. I usually find myself going to my local coffee shop as there are fewer distractions and I know that when I have finished my work there, I can go home and relax!

Saving money

There is no secret that living in London is expensive, so staying at home was a great way for me to save money. Consequently, instead of having to get a large student loan for accommodation, I opted to get a smaller amount to cover my commute to Pearson College London.

This has also allowed me to carry on with my part-time job at home, which I love. Therefore, I can still earn some money on the days that I am not on campus.

I hope this blog has shown to you a different way you can do University and that you do not always have to move away from home. It’s all about what balance is right for you!

By Mia Evans (Business Management with Marketing)