About me

Hi! My name is Mia, and I have just finished my second year studying Business Management with Marketing at Pearson College London. So far, I have loved my course and developing my knowledge in every lecture and seminar.

However, away from my studies, Pearson College London has provided me with many extra opportunities along the way. In this blog, I will be highlighting the ones that I took advantage of!

Student Ambassador

During my first year at Pearson College London, I applied to be a student ambassador. I thought this would be a great initial role for me to apply for as there are no set shifts, and you can pick when you want to work! This was essential for me in my first year, as I did not want anything too time demanding as I was adjusting to my new university workload. Not only was this role paid for the number of hours you choose to do, but it also looked great on my CV!

The different shifts you could apply for include content creating, student representation, helping out at events, sharing advice to prospective students, and much more! Personally, one of my favourite shifts to do was content creating. This was because it provided me with some great experience in social media creation.

Marketing Internship at Utour Productions

As the end of my first year was coming to an end, I was thinking about what I could do to make the most of my summer. I decided that it would be great if I could gain some experience and apply some of the knowledge that I acquired in first year to the workplace. However, when I was searching on company websites most of them were only looking for second year students.

Shortly after that, Pearson College London released a collection of summer internships with their start-up partners. I applied for all of the roles that I was interested in through the Guaranteed Internship scheme. This involved providing a CV and Cover letter for each role.

Fortunately, I was contacted shortly after that by Naledi (who runs start-up company Utour Productions) for an interview. The questions she asked me ranged from what previous experience I had, to facts about myself and also how I would deal and react to certain situations. She loved how I had already involved myself with the university through being a student ambassador, so I would recommend this for first year students to apply for!

After the interview, I was offered the role of Marketing Intern for the summer! Overall, the four months taught me a range of valuable skills. For example, when I joined Utour they were transitioning through a re-brand. Here, I loved helping them create a new brand profile.

I was also assigned to the job of assisting with their summer event called ‘SouthernXperience.’ This was a great evening that was utilised to introduce South African artists to London. Here, I helped with the promotion and planning of the event. For example, reaching out to other companies for brand collaboration, interviewing the artists on Instagram live for promotion, and creating and distributing marketing materials for the event.

After the event, my role was heavily based on social media so that Utour’s new re-brand could be translated through their social platforms. I loved this task as it allowed me to unleash my creativity and also create a content plan for the next two months.

Consequently, I would recommend to students who are finishing their first year to look into doing an internship with a start-up company as you can learn and grow with the company. Not only this, doing a summer internship during first year will be great to have on your CV when applying for internships next year. This is because you will already be ahead of others in terms of experience!

Communications Internship at Pearson College London

Having enjoyed doing my internship last summer, when Pearson College London released a Communications role for this year, I knew immediately that I wanted to apply. Again, the first round of applications was providing a CV and cover letter. Then I was contacted to have a few interviews. I found that this set of interviews ran a lot smoother as I had a lot more to talk about from my previous internship.

Currently, I am in my second week of the internship with Pearson College London, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. So far, I have been taught how to use Meltwater, which is a media monitoring and social listening platform. I have also been creating and scheduling social media content and helping with other internal relations tasks. I am excited for the rest of my time on the internship to learn and develop even more.

The future

Away from internships, Pearson College London also offers other opportunities such as studying abroad. They are partnered with International Business School (IBS) Americas which allows students to apply to study abroad in either Brazil, New York, California, or Italy. This can be done in January or July for three weeks.

I am very excited to go to Brazil in January to study Strategy and Marketing for Emerging Countries!

Overall, not only has Pearson College London provided me with an excellent environment and platform to accomplish my degree, but also many other opportunities and experiences. Hopefully, this blog has given you an idea of what you can get involved in as a student here!

By Mia Evans (Business Management with Marketing Student)