My experience

I was very nervous about moving to the city to study at Pearson College London, mainly due to the idea that I would have no friends or family around. However, I soon came to realise during my first term, many of my peers were in the same position as me and everyone wanted to make friends and socialise.

Even though Covid made it difficult to plan anything at first, during the first term the Pearson College London Student Association (PCSA) offered a couple of online events. We also got the chance to redo freshers this year, with the events being in person, where I met so many new people who are now friends for life!

My advice to others

Keep in touch with family and friends

There were hard moments in my first year when I became very homesick, but during those times seeing a friend, or going for a walk, would always help clear my head and make me feel better.

I also think that making yourself busy and planning things to look forward to helps take your mind off missing home. You should also remember that family and friends are only a call or facetime away!

Photo by Lucas Davies on Unsplash

Get out and explore the city!

London has so much to offer as a city and there are an endless amount of places to explore. I have even made a bucket list of places I want to visit, which is everything from brunch spots to puppy yoga.

With London being such a populated city, you will be always meeting new people. Personally, I have met so many people this year not only through university but just through going out in the city too.

Food is a major love of mine and so it makes London the perfect fit for me and as I mentioned before there is a very long list of places I want to visit. I especially enjoy a pizza from Pizza Union (across the road from our campus) as it is delicious and very cheap, with prices ranging from 4-6 pounds! I have included a photo below of me and some friends enjoying them.

Be sure to budget!

Living away from home also means more responsibilities, including expenses such as bills. London is pricey but there are so many ways to make life cheaper, such as using railcards, student oysters, and making food at home whenever you can.

Also, when it comes to food shopping getting a Tesco Clubcard, Lidl Plus or Nectar Card, depending on your closest supermarket, is a great way to save. Budgeting will also help put your mind at ease because if you know you are on track with money there is nothing to worry about.

Finally, while all these tips are important if you do anything, be sure to take responsibility for yourself, and by this I mean look after your wellbeing and remembering that you aren’t alone. There is always someone a phone call away if you feel lonely.

By Francesca Gass (second-year Business Management student)