The journey of pitching to a panel of investors was an incredible experience!

Being an entrepreneurship student at Pearson College London has offered me so many opportunities including starting my very own business at 21 years old. I entered this course without fully understanding  entrepreneurship but ended my time at university taking a trip up to Sheffield  and sharing my passion in front of a group of industry professionals.

I was first introduced to the idea a fortnight before my final deadlines and I took the risk as there was nothing to lose. Throughout my course, I’ve actively learnt that taking every aspect as a moment to learn and exceed my growth is by saying YES. So that’s exactly what happened! Thibau, a fellow student, and I were both selected.

How the day went

In preparation for my pitch, I was told I had 10 minutes, where 7-8 minutes would be myself presenting, leaving the remaining amount for questions.

Travelling up to Sheffield took around three hours and during this time I had some interesting conversations with my tutors. Without a doubt, this is one of the many great aspects of Pearson College London. We get to network with tutors and their experiences being connected to the business world.

We reached Sheffield at around 4pm then myself and the team rested until the event. After that, we got all suited and booted for an evening of networking. The showcase was held at The MowBray. It was such a special feeling, being amongst other young people, and business professionals, each sharing a passion for what they do.

The evening consisted of networking, drinks, presenting, and food. It was an authentic and rewarding feeling. From this journey, I learnt so much about myself and the power of who I am alongside the change I want to make.

If you're reading this, my message to you is to tell your story and create your place in the world! Being unique is powerful, so let’s learn how to embrace it through every experience.

By Daya Grewal (Business Management with Entrepreneurship student)