Last weekend, the Oscars took place honouring the best titles from the past 12 months. In 2021 we saw some of the finest releases including Dune and No Time To Die and we’re pleased to share that some of our alumni (dubbed Escapees) worked on these.

A number of our Escapees not only worked on the nominated films but some of the award-winning films too. In total we had 71 Escapees across a variety of different undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses contribute to such amazing projects, so we are incredibly proud. Check out the full list for yourself below:

We even managed to speak to Escapee, Tom De Landsheere, who worked on No Time To Die. Here’s what he had to say about his experience…

"No Time to Die has been a great project to work on. I think the film looks stunning and I am really proud of the sequences we delivered with the team at Cinesite. My role was as a Lighting TD so I worked on multiple sequences. My main challenge was lighting the lethal gas in the scene where Bond and Paloma are infiltrating a Spectre party."

In addition to big award festivals such as the Oscars, we also encourage and support students to submit their work for awards to other film festivals around the globe! Head over to our Animation blog to find out more about the other awards our students have won.

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