What is a Business Management degree?

A Business Management degree focuses on the core concepts surrounding businesses combined with leadership and management theory. Throughout the course, you'll get to learn about HR, Finance, Marketing, Law and so much more.

At Pearson College London you can also choose to specialise in Marketing, or Entrepreneurship, to better suit your interests. Alternatively, you can also study Business Management alone.

So what have I studied so far and what were my favourite modules?

Principles of Business 2 (studied in my second term of first year)
This module is the partner module to Principles of Business 1, taken in your first term on the course, which gives an overview of the various business areas. Principles of Business 2 takes those concepts and allows you to start up your own business with your peers.

The project involves taking the initial business idea through to pitching it to a panel of investors, including designing marketing campaigns and working out how to finance the business. This module is amazing for anyone aspiring to be an entrepreneur and gives you a true understanding of the processes involved with starting your own business.

Agile App Design (studied in my second term of first year)
Agile App Design was my favourite module in my first year. The module gives you the opportunity to work with one of Pearson College London's ‘Start-ups in Residence’ on one of their design challenges. Our challenge was for a fashion company, AllEyes, where we re-designed their website using a software package called ‘Mendix’.

Agile App Design takes you through both design theory and user experience as well as agile working practices. I loved this module because it gave me a chance to be creative and learn the theory behind how websites/apps are designed, all whilst working on a real business problem.

As you can probably tell, this module gives you so many transferable skills that can be used in multiple areas of business that ultimately opens up so many more job opportunities.

Introduction to Contract Law (studied in my first term of second year)
Introduction to Contract Law is a compulsory module that everyone studies, and at first, I wasn’t sure whether I was going to enjoy it, but it quickly became one of my favourite modules!

The module involves learning the fundamentals of contract law and, through a coursework assignment, learning how to advise a client on various legal scenarios.

Throughout the module, I loved learning something different to anything I had learnt before, but also the sense of achievement after correctly advising a client on a scenario using all the relevant case laws and statutes.

This module teaches you numerous transferable skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking which will benefit everyone in their future careers. Added to that, Introduction to Contract Law gives you an insight into contracts, how they work, what you are entitled to in terms of rights and what remedies are available when a contract is breached.

I hope this overview of some of my favourite modules can help anyone looking to study Business Management. If you'd like to find out more about what a Business Management degree involves, you can check out the course page here.

By Lucy Packman, 2nd-year Business Management with Marketing student