My name is Oriyarna and I am currently in my 3rd year studying a BA (Hons) in The Art Of Video Games at Escape Studios. I don’t have an exact end goal in mind, however, I know that I would like to go into the Games industry where I'm either freelancing or creating my own game!

Why I chose to study Game Art

My reasons for studying Game Art were mainly due to seeing a 2D media course being offered at the College I studied at before university. However, after second thoughts and stumbling across a Games Design course I decided to study this instead. It's definitely true when people say everything happens for a reason!

In the end, I had a lot of fun studying Game Design and during my time at College, I developed a deeper appreciation for the games I was exposed to as a child. After learning about the process of games development, I knew I wanted to continue studying Game Art at University.

What I like about the games industry

I think one thing I love about the games industry is that nothing is setting stone, and there's still some fluidity to it. I like the fact that if there is a game series that started from PS1 they will continue the series whilst developing the graphics through each console as it feels like you're growing and becoming more refined with the game. I also love the fact that any idea has the potential to become something, like an asset or an environment in a game.

Games can also be applied in other disciplines such as visual effects and animation so you're not tied down to one specific path. Studying games opens up so many doors no matter which area you pursue!

Why I chose to study Games at Escape Studios

What drew me to Escape Studios were their industry connections, central London location and resources. The fact that their alumni have gone on to work on the development of multiple movies was really inspiring to me so I felt like it was a good place to start my career.

However, my favourite part about being at Escape Studios is that the courses have been designed in collaboration with leading studios and many of the tutors are either professionals themselves or have worked in the industry for many years!

By Oriyarna Olaku (3rd-year Game Art student)