The Application Process

I first saw the internship opportunity on the Work Fitness Centre when looking for other events that were happening at Uni. Being in my first year, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to complete an internship just yet, so didn’t give much thought to it. However, after a few of my friends at Uni spotted the opportunity on the Pearson College London internships group on Linkedin and sent it to me, thinking I would be great at the role, I decided to get some more information.

Despite the role only being advertised to second and third years, I decided to apply anyway. The application process was very simple, I filled out a form on the Work Fitness Centre, including my name, email and link to my Linkedin profile and then recorded a 1-minute video on why I thought I would be the perfect candidate for the role.

Getting the role and what it involved

Having submitted my application a little over the deadline, the original role had already been filled, however, I was contacted by the organisation asking whether I would still like to be part of the team, just in a slightly different role. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity that they were creating a new role, just for me and gladly accepted.

So, what did I end up working on?

It’s a good question and one that isn’t easily answered. Doing an internship with a start-up makes defining your role very difficult because there are always lots of jobs popping up that you just add to your task list.

That said, my official title was Content Manager at Ei Evolution. This meant that I was in charge of creating all of the marketing content that Ei Evolution needed to market for both their 5 month warm-up events and the final Summit in October; including programmes, brochures, Linkedin posts, copy writing, newsletters and press releases.

As well as all of this, I helped the team find speakers for each month from the fields of remote work experience, employee experience, customer experience, leadership and wellbeing. This was really interesting, and I loved working closely with each speaker to develop their ideas to create their final speech.

My final major role involved the organising and running of the final Summit event, ensuring all elements of the day ran smoothly and delegates got the best customer experience possible.

What did I learn?

It is easy to say I learnt a lot from this internship but it’s true! Working in a start-up brought many challenges every day so there was lots of learning on the job, both growing my knowledge and skills of marketing, but also in how start-ups work and the challenges they face.

In addition to this, I learnt a lot about the true world of remote work rather than the emergency remote that we were forced into at the start of the pandemic. Other learning opportunities came from running an international event, which meant I quickly learnt how to work in 5 different time zones and what different countries workdays look like.

But perhaps most interestingly, I learnt from every one of the 50+ speakers we had at the event, who shared their knowledge and wisdom in remote work experience, employee experience, customer experience, leadership and wellbeing, which truly prepared me for the changing ways of work in a post-pandemic world.

What’s my advice?

My advice to anyone reading this blog is to take every opportunity that comes to you. Even if you don’t quite fit the job role, or you don’t have all the required skills, apply anyway because you never know where it might get you.

I would also say to regularly check the Work Fitness Centre because some incredible opportunities on there are only available to students at Pearson College London. Finally, have fun with your internships, they are about learning so it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes!