I am sure you’re all aware that the deadline for UCAS applications are the 26th January 2022, but DON’T PANIC. You still have plenty of time to make it amazing! Here at Escape Studios we are looking for aspiring artists in VFX, Animation or the Games industry and below we have listed some top tips to help make your application stand out!

Make yourself sound AMAZING!

Sometimes it can feel a bit awkward to write about yourself, but we want to hear the best things about you! Make sure that your personal statement reflects your skills and personality but is still professional. Perhaps look at some examples for inspiration but do not copy them outright!

Remember the key dates

Your tutors are probably going on and on about UCAS deadline dates, but it is so important! Make sure they are in your diary or in your phone calendar- you don’t want to miss them!

Research your course

It may sound silly, but have you researched the course and location? Have you visited our campus and read about our courses? If you are not sure which course suits you best, why not get in touch with us, and we can talk you through your options?

Give yourself enough time to fill out the application

Don’t leave your application to the last minute - it may take longer than you think! Also, once you think it is done, find someone to proofread it and check it over - make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.

Double check your application

Go over your application and make sure your details are correct. Have you spelt your name correctly, put the correct date of birth? These are little steps we often do quickly, and we can make mistakes, so go back and double-check!

Don’t panic!

Here at Escape Studios, we know there is more to you than an application. We base our decisions regarding your application on your Creative Workshop performance and your portfolio - just as you would be assessed in the VFX, Animation and Games industries. Try and stay calm, we know you can do this!