Why I chose to study Business

I’ve always aspired to be a fashion designer as I love to draw and design. My interest in fashion fuelled my interest in business because I was curious about clothing brands, buying and retail. That's why during my time at Sixth-Form, I studied Textiles, BTEC Business and Economics.

Even though I enjoyed textiles, I was uncertain about my future because I liked business too. I drew up the pros and cons for both pathways and discussed them with my friends and tutors. In the end, I decided to pursue Business Management as it’s incredibly versatile and can be transferable amongst many industries.

Why I chose Pearson Business School

I found Pearson Business School through my friend who highly recommended the university for business. I researched and found that it was my ideal university in terms of its location, course and industry-led academic learning.

Academically, I had the knowledge and theory of business but practically, I was very inexperienced and the fact that Pearson Business School had a guaranteed internship scheme was one of the biggest factors in my decision making.

Pearson Business School also offers various pathways with Business Management such as Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Since the first-year modules are the same for all pathways, students have the flexibility to change their course after the 1st year. This was quite important to me as I was still unsure about what I wanted to do whilst I was applying

The final reason why I applied to Pearson Business School was because of their industry connections. All students get the opportunity to attend industry days, virtual careers fairs and other events with industry guests from companies such as IBM, Enterprise, L’Oreal and Estee Lauder. I really liked the idea of being provided with the chance to network, connect and build our career profiles from the very beginning of the course.

Advice to applicants

I know that applying to university can be difficult so my main tip would be to do your research. Make sure that you find out what opportunities an institution has to offer and see what you can get involved in as a first-year student. I also recommend that you explore the campus and the local area of the university. You can find out this information at Open and Taster days. I hope my experience and tips can help you out!

By Riya Shrestha (2nd-year Business Management with Marketing Student)