Overview of the event

The Industry Day took place at etc venues in St. Paul’s and was my first face to face event since joining Pearson College London in 2020.

The day started off with a few presentations and activities hosted by employees from IBM. They each introduced themselves and gave us an insight into their roles within the business. We also got to take part in an industry challenge and network with upcoming start-up businesses. Oh, and before I forget, there was food too!

The Industry Challenge

For me, the industry challenge was the most exciting part of the day as I got to put my learning into practice.

In the challenge, we played the part of IBM employees where we came up with different scenarios as to why a customer was feeling a certain way and produced solutions to help them with their problems. In the end, we had to feedback the work to our peers.

Participating in the challenge really gave me an insight into what a working day would look like at IBM. It showed me that it doesn’t matter what field you’re working in, your customer must be at the centre of your work.

Networking with Start-Ups in Residence

The Start-Up in Residence scheme is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to build up their companies and gain traction with the help of Pearson College London.

At the industry day, we were given the opportunity to learn about these start-ups and their owners. We were able to connect with the founders and ask them questions about how they came up with their business ideas.

We also got the chance to connect with a few start-ups on LinkedIn and further message them for help and advice, which was great!

My advice to other students

I find that the most important thing about being a student is to not be afraid when approaching business owners/professionals. We often shy away and waste opportunities to network and then regret it later.

Businesses attend networking events for a reason and that is to speak to you! So don’t be afraid or nervous because once you start speaking, it’ll come to you like second nature. Here are my last pieces of advice when networking with professionals:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Give a brief description of who you are and what you are currently doing.
  • Ask questions, get help, be open to learning

By Aisha Ditta, Business Management with Entrepreneurship Student