About the courses

So, what's studying at Pearson Business School like? Well, as many know, studying for a degree can be quite demanding and there can be a lot of reading to do. However, if you take the time to prepare you will settle in just fine!

I've been studying at Pearson Business School for three years and my course runs for two terms in the academic year. The Autumn term usually includes 4 core modules and the Spring term includes 2 core and 2 optional modules. Core modules are mandatory and optional modules are ones you get to choose!

A typical week

A typical week for me includes going into campus two/three days a week. For each module, there's usually an hour lecture and then a 2-hour seminar which you have to attend.  After attending my lectures/seminars, I usually stay on-site to do some studying.

Pearson College London has some great spots around campus to sit and get comfortable. There are quiet areas to chill, break out spaces (perfect for group activities) and even a silent study room! I make sure to make the most of the environment. After studying I usually go somewhere local with some friends or classmates to eat. I highly recommend Vapianos for those of you that haven't been!

During the lockdown, where we've been studying from home, my routine has been quite similar. After I've woken up and gotten ready for the day I grab something light to eat before logging onto the Online Learning Environment and attending classes. I also spend some time watching lectures and completing seminar prep throughout my day. Once I'm done, I always like relaxing and watching a bit of Netflix.

Picture from a society gathering

What to expect

In the first few weeks, I would say you start to feel the independence of university pretty instantly, especially if you're coming straight from sixth form or college. Once you start, You are in charge of your own time and how to spend it.

Having said that, I would encourage all the new starters to fully embrace freshers and the first few weeks of joining by trying to connect with other new students. There are so many ways to do this: right from Pearson College London's freshers week, joining a society and even using social media.

My number one tip for meeting new people/making new friends is to smile and introduce yourself every time you meet someone new, this always works. Pearson College London also arranges lots of industry events which are a great way to pick up valuable skills and make professional connections.

Top tips

Overall, I would say that the whole university experience goes by fast so make the most of your first year. Always stay on top of your assignments because it's easy for the workload to pile up and last-minute studying sucks. I'd also encourage everyone to utilise all the resources that are offered because they can really go a long way. Good luck to everyone that's joining this year, I hope you have a blast!

By Peace Oni, final year student