Tell us about your application journey

I initially found out about Pearson College London when I was university hunting at an open fair. When I saw the prospectus I remember thinking this looks too good to be true, so I applied for the Rotational Degree apprenticeship.

When I first entered the building for the Professional Workshop, I knew this was where I wanted to go because I felt so welcomed and I couldn’t wait to see what the day was going to consist of. Throughout all of the writing exercises and interviews that I had to do, I always felt that Pearson College London was unique in what they offered and bespoke in the way that they treat their students.

I felt excited as well as anxious as I waited for the final verdict of whether or not I was going to be accepted onto the apprenticeship.

When I got the email from Pearson College London there were mixed emotions based on what was outlined. I hadn’t made the apprenticeship but they had seen qualities in me that would make me a great candidate for the Business Management degree!

Tell us about your time at Pearson College London

Throughout my Business Management degree, I immersed myself in as many events, opportunities and modules as possible.

My favourite modules were Introduction to Contract Law, Predictive Analytics & Big Data and Intellectual Property. I liked these modules because they expanded my knowledge and enabled me to learn about something that I thoroughly enjoyed. Not to mention that our lecturers were industry professionals so they shared many anecdotes that helped us along the way!

If you had said to me that within the three years of my degree I would shake hands with John Fallon, Levi Roots and the founders of Eric Festival I would not have believed you.

When I had the opportunity of listening to John Fallon in a fireside chat he was asked a myriad of questions. I remember him saying that if he could speak to his younger self, he would say to not put too much pressure on himself.

Another key lesson that I learnt whilst studying was that it helps to try and get as much out of a situation or experience as possible, because you may never get that opportunity again.

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Did you do any internships whilst you were studying with us?

During my second year, I did an internship in Pearson Plc's Legal Department. No day was the same. From redacting contracts to sitting in meetings about Anti-Bribery Corruption, I was able to immerse myself into Pearson as if I was an actual employee!

My role encapsulated a range of areas such as undertaking paralegal roles, compiling evidence for police reports and creating malpractice packs. I also had the opportunity to extend my internship where I became a part of the Investigation Team that was working on the Edexcel exam breach!

Tell us about the Salesforce Pathfinder Programme

The Salesforce Pathfinder programme is a workforce development scheme that aims to equip students from a non-technical background with a Salesforce certification.

I was sent an email from Pearson College London asking me to attend a session where employees from Deloitte and Salesforce would explain what the programme entails and how to apply. I remember feeling super excited about this opportunity so I applied as soon as the application window opened!

Once I applied, I was delighted to hear back that I had been offered an interview, I was so elated. Fast forward, I was offered a place on the programme.

Throughout the programme, we studied and attended many online events and networking sessions that introduced us to the Salesforce ecosystem where I was able to successfully apply for the role of an Analyst role at Deloitte

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Do you have any tips for students who are applying through Clearing?

The main piece of advice I would give to students looking to apply through clearing is to gather as much information as possible about the university you want to go to. Due Diligence is very important when you’re going to spending a lengthy amount of time in one institution.

Here are some more top tips:

Always be prepared - you never know what an opportunity might bring to your life.

Do not put too much pressure on yourself - situations can be tense so make sure to have meaningful experiences.

Know what you want and take any opportunity that you need to equip yourself with more knowledge.  

Network - you never know what insight one person can give unless you speak!

Inspired by Tiayanna's story? You can still apply to us through Clearing! Find out more here.