Hello! My name is Olivia Davey and I am currently in my first year studying Business Management with Marketing at Pearson Business School. I went through clearing myself on results day 2020. Initially, I had firmed and intended to go to a university 200+ miles away to study something completely different. However, in July and August, I began to weigh up my options on the morning of results day, I just knew that the firmed uni was not what I wanted for my future.

I decided to call up Pearson College London and speak to an applicant advisor as I was picking my UCAS choices. What appealed to me was the industry involvement, location, and size. I saw it had good industry links and worked with a wide range of companies/brands, which initially interested me as I was looking ahead with my future career in mind.

Being in London was a big part of the decision. Personally, I was not ready to move out of my family home and to a different city though I was ready to move forward in my education, and being a 15 min train away from Waterloo it seemed like a logical idea. I also liked the idea of going to university in London around big businesses, start-ups, and just interesting people in general (oh and occasionally spotting a celebrity).

The move between Sixth-form/College to university is a big step and is not always easy. I found that as a small, boutique institution Pearson College London was far more supportive in the transition and allowed me to settle in comfortably. Initially, I didn't think I would like the smaller size but as I have settled in I have found it beneficial. A huge part that makes Pearson College London such a growing environment is the people. I only learned this when I started but my classmates are very like-minded, it's so refreshing! Everyone I have come across is so determined with such a strong work ethic, I've never experienced anything like it.

The Clearing Process

Here's a rundown of the clearing process for Pearson Business School:

  1. Pick your course

Pearson Business School offers undergraduate degrees in business-related subjects including Management, Marketing, Finance and Entrepreneurship - find the one which suits you!

2. Get to know us

If not on campus, you can join an online Open Days!

3. Entry Requirements

Pearson Business School offer two different entry routes to cater for all students. Option A: meet our point entry tariff (112 UCAS points, equivalent to BBC at A Level). Option B: If you don't meet the entry tariff, you can attend a professional workshop as an alternative way of assessment

4. See you in September!

Once you've passed the professional workshop or met the entry tariff, you'll be a fully-fledged member of the Pearson Business School community!

By Olivia Davey - Business Management with Marketing student