Hi, my name is Charlotte and I have just finished my final year of studying Business Management with Marketing at Pearson Business School. Since finishing my degree, I have completed a five-week virtual internship with the Conversion Team at Pearson College London.

How did I gain this opportunity?

I first discovered the role on the Pearson College London Internship LinkedIn page run by the College Internship Team. From this, I visited the Talent Development Work Fitness Centre to gain more information and look at the job description in more depth. With this, the role appealed to my current skills and would also provide me with the opportunity to develop these further, along with new skills altogether, furthering my employability and progression into the marketing industry. The support of the Internship Team guided me through the application process, by reviewing my CV and providing interview tips and tricks. Overall, the application process was straightforward and well communicated. Additionally, opportunities for feedback to those who did not achieve the role was available.

Overview of my role

On a top-level my role was to support the External Relations Team and more specifically the Conversion Team in student recruitment activities; where the aim is to inform prospective students about what Pearson College London offer, particularly in how they aim to connect classroom with industry in a variety of different ways.

Projects I worked on and the key things I’ve learnt

During my internship, I primarily supported two key projects, the Student Takeover Week and Student Taster Days.

  • Student Takeover: For those of you who are unfamiliar with the student takeover, it is a week in which current students take control of all Pearson College London social channels to share their experiences and provide an insight into student life at Pearson Business School for prospective students. My involvement with the Student Takeover followed the end-to-end process from planning to content creation, then scheduling and finally to evaluation. From this aspect of my internship, I have developed and enhanced a range of skills including effective campaign management, copyrighting, and reporting, to inform future decisions. I have also had an insight into the use of marketing systems such as Meltwater, Pardot and Salesforce; helping to develop my proficiency with corporate software, that are widely used in industry.
  • Student Taster Days: Taster Days are run to provide prospective students with an insight into the courses on offer and the academic side of Pearson College London’s offering. My work with Taster Days included the evaluation of the event operations, to inform future decisions incorporated within forthcoming Taster Days.

Additionally, this evaluation extended to the taster day webpage promotion/ event listing to increase bookings and engagement. I also developed my market research skills through the investigation of competitor offerings, again contributing to the development of future events. My involvement with this aspect of the internship reinforced my pre-existing interest in events marketing further. Although the key focus of my internship surrounded these two projects, I was provided with flexibility and support to focus and develop specific areas of my interest further. Therefore, with this flexibility, I was able to gain more insight into both events marketing and planning.

Overall, I am astonished by the sheer amount of knowledge and skills that I have developed in just over a month, so it would be impossible to list them all, but I hope this has provided an insight and some of the key takeaways that I have gained from this experience.

Advice to other Pearson Business School students seeking internship opportunities

Internship opportunities are a brilliant way to develop your skills and employability, supporting the transition from education to industry. But if you are less certain of your set career path in the future, they can also help to explore different areas and determine your interests.

If you are actively seeking to find an internship opportunity, I would definitely recommend that you join the Pearson College London internships group on LinkedIn, it is full of recent posts in a variety of areas, so you are bound to find something to spark your interests.

I would also recommend that set updates on the Work Fitness Centre Job Board that can be tailored to your preference. But if you are looking for a wider scope or a niche area, external job boards such as Indeed also have a vast array of internship listings.

The support of the Internship Team directly is also a great way to discover listed or exclusive internship opportunities and to help secure your place in the role you want. So, head over to the Work Fitness Centre and book a meeting with the Internships Team to get the ball rolling and find out more about the Guaranteed Internship Scheme offered by Pearson Business School.

Even if you aren’t actively looking for internships, I encourage you to start whether you are a school leaver, first-year undergraduate or a post-graduate, so that you can apply the things you’ve learnt and the skills you already have, to boost your practical knowledge and future prospects.

-By Charlotte Lane (3rd year Business Management with Marketing student)