September is the time to emerge into the light and accelerate your journey to a great career.

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is what will the next academic year look like?

At the moment it’s looking good. If this last year has taught us anything, it’s that it’s not possible to predict anything with certainty, but from where we are now we are confident that all our students will have access to a face-to-face safe social experience of their course in September, congregating again in our classrooms and social areas, meeting tutors and colleagues without having to say ‘You’re on mute!’ or ‘Can you hear me?’, or watching buffering symbols appear before your eyes.

During the pandemic in 2021 we all learnt a lot about teaching and learning online, and now everyone’s an expert. We know we can flip our courses from face-to-face to totally online in the space of a day if needed, but that’s not the point.

Nobody wants to be on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Blackboard for the rest of their life. The creative industries are inherently social and built on lived experiences and shared ideas.

We’re an industry that could choose to be digital and hide behind screens in our bedrooms and home offices, but actually wants to meet and have fun. We’re creative people.

We’re an industry that relies on all kinds of project management and scheduling software, but still values chats by the water cooler, and arranging a coffee to catch up. We didn’t get in this business to stare at lagged and pixeled representations of each other.

At Escape Studios our philosophy is we are teaching a craft not a technology. Crafts are nuanced not binary. If you’ve been learning via a screen all year it’s easy to forget how rewarding face to face encounters can be, accelerating your personal development and feeling of worth, and how being in a physical space makes you focus on your work.

You signed up to be a student at one of the most amazing digital art institutions in the UK, and we signed up to bring our substantial industry knowledge and teaching skills to get you a great future. So, in September let’s get together in the same room and accelerate your journey to that career you’ve always dreamt of.

By Saint John Walker, Deputy Dean of Escape Studios