As you may know, the Oscars recently took place, honouring the best films of the past 12 months. 2020 was whirlwind year meaning that there weren’t many releases, but it hasn’t stopped our wonderful network of successful Alumni (dubbed ‘Escapees’) securing work on some of finest titles!

A number of our Escapees not only worked on the nominated films but some of the award-winning films too. In total we had 40 Escapees across a variety of different undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses contribute to such amazing projects, so we are incredibly proud. Check out the full list for yourself below:

  • The Father – 1 Escapee (Best Adapted Screenplay)
  • Mank – 2 Escapees (Best Cinematography)
  • Onward – 1 Escapee
  • News of the World – 1 Escapee
  • Greyhound – 7 Escapees
  • Love and Monsters – 4 Escapees
  • Mulan – 9 Escapees
  • The One and Only Ivan – 10 Escapees
  • Tenet – 5 Escapees (Best Visual Effects)

We hope you can use this as a source of inspiration and motivation for where our courses can take you in the future.

In addition to big award festivals such as the Oscars, we also encourage and support students to submit their work for awards to other film festivals around the globe! Head over to our Animation blog to find out more about the other awards our students have won.

Here at Escape Studios we offer a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and short courses in Visual Effects (VFX), Game Art, Animation, Motion Graphics and other specialist disciplines. Find out more about studying with us here.