Hi everyone! My name is Oriyarna, I’m studying BA (Hons) The Art of Video Games and I’m currently in my second year at Escape Studios. In this blog post I will be talking about my experiences with entering and studying at university, what got me to pursue this career path and giving some tips and advice that might help you too.

Before starting my degree

Besides looking to get an apprenticeship to gain work experience in the industry, I never really had any intention on permanently working for a specific company as my main goal has always been to create my own animations and games. I do believe that puts me in a position to work as freelance artist that I can still gain more experience and apply whatever I learn to my own projects.

My experience at Escape Studios

Studying at Escape Studios as allowed me to improve only not just my art, but on my workflow as well. Being able to talk to with people that work in the industry and getting feedback from them on how I can improve on my portfolio and having Tutors who have also worked in the industries has been beneficial.

Presenting my work at the end of every module and working as a Student Ambassador and participating in events as allowed me to work on my public speaking and gain some confidence, especially since pitching your ideas and showcasing your work is something that is mainly done in the industry.

One major thing I have also learnt to do is work in group projects, as that was something I had never really done in School or College. This is mainly because it was optional not mandatory to work in groups, so I had also avoided doing so However, being put in a position where we had to work in teams not only forced me to step out of my comfort zone but learn to work alongside others and engage with them.

As I had mentioned earlier, I had learnt how to improve on the layout of my portfolio at Escape Studios after having someone from the industry come and to talk to us. They provided tips while going through our portfolios. I was advised to create separate ones for 3D Models, Concept Art or video editing, as will make it easier for when applying for jobs to just have portfolios that is relevant to any future jobs I would be applying for. One thing I have learnt and like about the industry is that it does welcome people that is skilled in different areas of field not to mention it also does open doors to different opportunities.

For example, if you study Game Art, you can still get jobs in Animation or VFX since they mostly use the same software, or some software would have a similar layout to other software.

Looking towards the future

I cannot exactly say as to where I see myself in 5 years’ time, as I have never been one to have set plan in place plus I like to keep my options open. However, I do want to at least be in a position where I am selling my art and taking on commissions.

I hope this blog has been able to help you to gain some insight on what you would be getting into when applying to Escape Studios. Good luck!

-By Oriyarna Olaku (2nd year Game Art student)