Hi my name is Jaap. I am a Business Management student at Pearson Business School and am currently in my second year.

My modules this term

This term I am studying Digital & Social Marketing, People Management & Leadership, Data & Analytics and finally Operational Management.

My favourite module has been Digital & Social Marketing because it has been interesting to see what happens behind the scenes when creating a digital marketing campaign and how this subsection within marketing is time pressured, forever changing and exciting at the same time. It is a lot more complicated than it looks! My tutor is Sacha Clarke, who has really done well in making our live online seminars interactive and enjoyable this term, whilst we work remotely in the pandemic.

I also have enjoyed People Management and Leadership as this is a skill that is essential in whatever industry you belong to. I have learnt about myself more and been able to apply certain theories in my personal life. Emotional Intelligence is a skill set that has become increasingly important, especially in the pandemic, and it has been great to integrate our previous module’s knowledge into this one and see how it all comes together in the workplace. It is definitely a useful skill, especially when doing interviews online with potential employers and I do believe there is a reason why EI has generated so much buzz recently!

My weekly timetable

We usually have 2 assignments per module, so this term we have 8. This can be a mixture of coursework, exams, presentations and group presentations. A typical week includes 4 lectures, one for each module and 4 seminars.

Also, there are a number of events on the Work Fitness app to sign up to and various events that go on virtually and offline (when it is safe to do so again). The Work Fitness Weeks that typically occur once or twice a term with other industry events in between. So, there is always something to be getting on with.

You can see a screen shot of my weekly timetable below.

Managing my time

Time management is all about routine and organisation for me. I think it is so important to have a balance of working and relaxing and doing other things for your mental and physical health. To manage my time, I keep to my routine and write to-do lists for each day. Sometimes I even highlight the highest priority items on the day too when my list is too long. Someone taught me recently to make my to do lists purposeful. This means by thinking about how the items on your list help you and what goals do they serve.

Walking has always been my best friend. In between seminars or lectures I like walking and discovering new places. It is especially fun when you are in the heart of London!

Other activities

Outside of university I like to do charity work, organise events, create hampers for people and flower arranging! I recently organised an event where we created 100 party bags for the homeless with 100 home baked cookie, 100 sandwiches and some essential donations for the people who are having to spend time in shelters to help improve their hygiene and overall health. I really enjoyed this experience and did it in memory of my mum for her birthday. I always think that gratitude is the best practice.

-By Japp Lall (2nd year Business Management student)