Hi! My name is Charlotte, and I am a third year Business Management with Marketing student studying here at Pearson Business School. As I approach the end of my degree and prepare for the big wide world of work, I find myself reflecting on all that I have achieved over the past three years and what skills I have gained to take forward into the next stage of my journey.

Industry connections

As I am sure you have probably heard by now, Pearson College London is immersed into industry in a number of ways; from being situated within a FTSE 100 company to the Work Fitness Week events hosted with Industry Partners. But how about the academic side of things? As many of our tutors have previously or currently work in industry, the practical application of academic theories is integrated throughout the course and into assignments; equipping students with the relevant knowledge and skills to succeed in the workplace.

Although the challenges of assessments are not many people’s idea of fun, the practical application of real-world business problems to assessments has not only increased my engagement with the wider business environment but has also provided me with invaluable skills to confidently take forward. This has increased the value of these assignments beyond simply a grade.

So, what do these assignments look like?

Recently, in the autumn term, third year Business students were set the assignment of reviewing the future of the video-telecommunications industry beyond the pandemic; in order to advise upon the long-term strategy of Zoom.  Following this, through the industry connections of our tutor Chris Jones, we were given the opportunity to sit down for an exclusive Q&A session with Zoom employee Jane Ross. This opportunity provided a range of helpful inside information, that could be applied to the assessment, boosting the accuracy and practicality of the assessment findings.

Furthermore, within this spring term, students electing the Innovative Marketing module, such as myself, were set the group task of forming a strategy to bring back the relevancy and popularity of sportswear brand Salomon, in the modern environment. Module Leader, Kate Jones, gave the opportunity to hear from experienced marketing professional Glenn Jones, who has previously supported Salomon with their marketing strategy and is currently CEO of creative agency U-Dox. With this, we gained a wealth of information from the knowledge Glenn shared to strengthen the assignment with more than academic content. Additionally, this assessment was presented in the form of a virtual marketing pitch; reinforcing the practical application of Pearson Business School assessments and giving students the chance to embrace industry practices.

Overall, studying these modules with practical industry assessments has set into place the ways in which academic content can be applied to the real world of work and from this I can confidently say that I feel prepared to now enter the world of work, putting all my skills into practice.

-By Charlotte Lane (3rd year Business Management with Marketing student)