Hi there, I’m Hannah and I’m coming to the end of my first year studying BA (Hons) Business Management with Marketing. Below is a breakdown of the core and elective modules you could be studying, should you apply to study a Business Management degree at Pearson Business School!

Core and elective modules

In your first term at Pearson Business School, you’ll study three core modules, these are modules chosen for you that are compulsory for your studies. In your second term you have one core module, and you can pick two single elective modules (that are completely your choice) worth 15 credits, or you can choose a double module worth 30 credits.

Credits are the estimated number of hours you should spend studying a module including lectures, seminars, reading and assessment preparation. One credit is equivalent to 10 hours of studying, for example 15 credits is 150 hours of study and 30 credits will be 300 study hours.

First term

In my first term I studied ‘Principles of Business 1’ which was worth 30 credits in this, we learned an overview about business structure, culture, finance, law, marketing and strategy among other subjects. The assessment for this included an exam and coursework about research into a start-up company of our choice relating to the subjects we had learnt about, I chose Boohoo.

I also studied ‘Introduction to Research’ in my first term which was worth 15 credits. In this module we got to create and carry out our own research project into a subject of our choice as long as it related back to business, I chose to research the effects of coronavirus on small independent pubs.

The third 15 credit compulsory module I studied in my first term was ‘Professional Behaviors and Customer Management’ in this module we learnt about the psychological side of business.

Second term

In my current term I am studying ‘Principles of Business 2’ which is a 30-credit core module, where we are building on the concepts we learnt last term and we are planning how to start up our business in a group, we will give a group presentation and write independent reflective reports on this for our assessment. My group are doing a revision app where you can have all your revision materials online in one place as this was an issue for us that we wanted to fix for other students.

Also, this term we get to choose elective modules for our studies, meaning we have a bit of freedom over what we would like to study. The options for this term were ‘Agile App Design’ (15 credits), ‘Industry Studies 1: Consumer Goods’ (15 credits), ‘Introduction to Economics’ (15 credits), ‘International Business Regions 1; Greater China’ (15 credits)’ and ‘Self-managed Learning’ (30 credits).

I chose ‘Industry Studies 1; Consumer Goods’ where we are looking at things like globalisation and global marketing. For the assessment we are studying the tobacco industry and last year it was the car industry. I also chose ‘Introduction to Economics’ where we are focusing on macroeconomic trends and have a report and exam for our assessment.

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For more information about what core and elective modules you could be studying, download our prospectus.

-By Hannah Cook (1st year Business Management with Marketing student)