Hi! I’m Amber Wilkins, a first year Business Management with Marketing student, but I’m also the Organiser of this year’s TEDxPCL!

TEDxPCL is Pearson College London’s very own TEDx event, this is the second TEDx event that the College has held, after last year’s huge success, thanks to Thibau Grumett and his team. After 3 failed attempts to earn a license from TED, he managed to successfully start a legacy at Pearson College London (one I can hope to live up to!)

TEDx talks are all about sharing ideas from, and to your community, and are completely independent from TED themselves. Which although this means there is quite a large rulebook to follow - it also means we get free rein (almost!) on who gets to speak on our stage!

Why I chose to organise the 2021 event

Before moving to London, I went to a TEDx event at my local university, and as great as it was - I just thought I would to love to do it myself! I never really considered how I’d go about doing so or anything, but I just loved the variety and creativity TEDx talks have.

I originally met Thibau Grumett during Welcome Week, it was a huge call, but he spoke about TEDx, as it was taking place in a couple of weeks from then - and I knew I wanted in! So I reached out, and he let me be the photographer on the day! I helped out with a couple of other bits as well, joining team meetings etc., and then he asked me if I wanted to organise 2021 and I couldn’t refuse!

Since then, it has been a rollercoaster, and we’re still 6 months away! I have learnt so much already, strangely enough, none of it to do with how to actually organise an event!

What I’ve learned so far  

The first lesson was going through the hiring process for my team - I do not envy Lord Sugar at all, and I can guarantee you won’t be seeing me in a HR department when I graduate! It’s a real skill, and having applied for what feels like hundreds of jobs, I know what it’s like to be rejected, and I never considered it from the employer’s point of view - and these aren’t even paid positions!

For me, it’s been much more of a focus on developing and leading a team. I’ve still got a long way to go, sometimes I have to remind myself that no matter what, it’s still going to be a great event, and a lot of the things I get stressed about, don’t matter in the long run - and that the team relationship is always more important. I’ve made so many mistakes already, probably more than actual good decisions? Nevertheless, I have an amazing team also working towards what is going to be an incredible day!

I’d be lying if I said I’m not incredibly nervous about the event itself, but it is going to be so exciting and I am looking forward to it so much! The other thing that I think will be just as fun, is getting to know all of our amazing speakers, and hearing their talks develop as they go through the writing process. The ideas shared are what the day is about, and so I cannot wait to hear what comes our way! Feel free to check our TEDxPCL website to find out more.

The 2021 team

I’d like to thank my amazing team, who are listed below, as well as Thibau Grumett, of course, for giving me this amazing opportunity, as well as Lisa Giles, my so-called TEDxPCL Fairy Godmother! Thank you all for your support and hard work!

  • Lucy Packman - Event Manager
  • Emilia Wilson - Event Producer
  • Simone Fraser - Creative Team Manager
  • Oliver Chenery - Creative Team Member
  • Zakaria Slimani - Finance Team Manager
  • Robel Habte - Finance Team Member
  • Emma Devlin - DA Rep/Marketing Team Member
  • Euan Wilcox - DA Rep/Event Team Member
  • George Chadd - DA Rep/Speaker Team Member
  • Sarah Aldridge - Marketing Team Manager
  • Claudia Bates - Marketing Team Manager
  • Yasmin Deter - Marketing Team Member
  • Rajeena Rajakumar - Marketing Team Member
  • Olivia Davey - Marketing Team Member

Want to know more about my role as Event Organiser?

Take a look at my typical day in the life organising this years TEDxPCL event whilst studying towards my Business Management with Marketing degree!

-By Amber Wilkins (1st year Business Management with Marketing student)