Hi my name is Jaap. I am a Business Management student at Pearson Business School and am currently in my second year.

I am really passionate about helping other people and so initially I had no idea in how I can link to business with this goal of mine. However, Pearson Business School has opened my eyes to a waterfall of possibilities, and I have found some new fields that I find interesting.

Social Media Marketing

I love social media, marketing and also creativity and innovation. Helping others to create a solution to a problem and then effectively bringing that vision alive. I also enjoy writing and creating and find it rewarding when my audience interacts with the posts, I am generating.

Pearson Business School gives us so many unique opportunities to network with inspiring people in our field of choice. Last year I met Duncan Wardle, the former head of innovation and creativity at Disney, and this was life changing. Not only because I am a major Disney fan but because his disruptive innovation and methodology on how to excel creativity in your workplace, is something I now use in my day to day, when I am organising events for charities or thinking of different fundraising campaigns. Duncan inspired me to think out of the box!

Work Fitness Weeks

Here at Pearson Business School, we have Work Fitness Weeks. This gives us a unique opportunity to get exposure with industry professionals. The events are super engaging, interactive and usually situated in a scenic location or workplace. It is a great chance to apply the theory that we are learning on the course into a practical, real life scenario and meet those leaders that do it effectively.

This photo was taken at Industry day in 2019, when we won the competition!

-By Japp Lall (2nd year Business Management student)