My name is Riya, and I am in 1st year of my BA (Hons) Business Management degree at Pearson College London. Currently, I am studying from home and enjoying the remote learning environment.

Fashion and Business

During GCSE and A-levels, I was very passionate about fashion design incorporated with business. Despite my clumsy hands and bad eyesight, I do enjoy creative projects and activities which is why I loved creating arts and textiles. I came across business studies in school when I was lost for options because I was adamant to choose a subject that did not include science. It’s my weakness.

While I was exploring different options, I was set on walking in either the fashion or the business path. I didn’t have as much exposure to fashion studies as I had hoped during secondary school so I was gravitated towards business and started to enjoy it. Also, because my mum hated the pile of threads and clothes lying around, there was a constant fear of needles piercing someone’s foot. Ouch!

As a 1st year student, I am currently exploring my options for different modules and seeing what I like and dislike. If you are a prospective student, I believe studying in higher education will allow you to become better prepared for your future career prospects and you can gain valuable experiences and connections while deciding what you want to do for your future.

Industry experience

During my time at Pearson College London, I have discovered that I enjoy more than just fashion, but marketing and finance as well. You may come to find that you do have an interest in one or the other modules you come across when studying and your decisions could be influenced by what you experience during university. It means that you don’t have to focus on one field of study when you have yet to experience others so it is best to keep an open mind and explore if you have yet to understand the type of role that suits you.  

Pearson College London has been the most reliable when it comes to understanding what the industry is looking for and what you need to know. The Work Fitness events are exactly what a student needs when entering university and looking for career opportunities such as internships and possible business ventures as a business student. Guaranteed internships are also available for every student (subject to some criteria) to build on their experiences with businesses. I would recommend looking out for these events because they do help guide you in the type of career path you would like to aim for.

Future career prospects

I hope that in 5-10 years’ time, I have experienced many different job opportunities from internships to working experiences and have gained valuable skills. I would like to wish that I am still as hard-working as I am today, and I am grateful for all that I have learned and achieved.

-By Riya Shrestha (1st year Business Management Student)