I’m Amber Wilkins, and I’m in my first year at Pearson College London, studying BA (Hons) Business Management with Marketing.

Ever since school I have loved business, and I was very lucky that I always knew that’s what I wanted to study. Initially, I found out about Pearson College London from the Degree Apprenticeships they offer, however I decided to apply as a full-time student, and it has been the best decision I could have made.

From marketing to event management

Every term the Talent Development team at Pearson College London host ‘Work Fitness Week’ where for the whole week there’s different events catered for us to develop our skills; whether that’s Excel Workshops, or Mock Interview sessions with real employers! For me, what stands out, is the variety of different industries and sectors we get the privilege to hear from. Whether you’re interested in HR, finance, or literally anything else - there’s something for you!

This has been particularly beneficial for me, as I joined Pearson Business School (hence my course!) thinking I was only ever going to work in marketing, and I was sure that was the path for me. However, I recently attended a ‘Marketing Mastery’ session, where I got to hear from multiple professionals in the industry (who have previously worked for brands such as Chanel, Versace, Just Eat, Twitter, Hard Rock Café, Dove, Vodafone and more!). As amazing as it was, I’m sure working in marketing would be a great job to have - it just doesn’t match my skillsets and ambitions at all!

In place of that however, I have found so many other routes and options I could pursue, most that I have never thought of! Two of these are property and event management, not that they’re in any way related, but seem equally interesting! Even outside of Work Fitness Week, there are still so many things happening - including an Events Management Workshop that I am really looking forward to!

Ever since I have had the amazing opportunity to organise this year’s TEDxPCL event, it has really opened my eyes up to the opportunities and style of work in the event management industry, and I definitely could see myself working in this area when I’m older.

Future job prospects

Pearson Business School also offers its students a guaranteed internship (subject to a couple of conditions) in your second summer. I’m so excited about this because whatever happens, I know I will be graduating with professional experience, and that when I do start my first job, it won’t be a complete shock!

Pearson Business School has offered me so much help and support, particularly when I was unsure what career suits me best. It has made me realise that it doesn’t matter because there’s so much out there, and that as long as you're learning something, it’s beneficial.

-By Amber Wilkins (1st year Business Management with Marketing student)