My name is Lucy, and I am currently in my first year studying a BA (Hons) Business Management with Marketing degree at Pearson College London.

What is it like being a commuter student?

I personally really enjoy being a commuter student! My journey is about 50 minutes long which includes a 30 minute train ride and then 20 minutes of walking to get to 190 High Holborn. I find it is great for time management. Choosing to walk, rather than take the tube means I get time for some fresh air, which is great after a 3-hour seminar and can sit in the park to wait for friends. Train rides are great for catching up with emails, writing to-do lists, listening to podcasts or taking some time to chill.

I often get asked ‘do you feel left out because you commute?’ and then answer is “No!” Most of my friends commute so I am not the only one and often you find that other people take the same route as you. You will not be the only commuter!

Do you still get to experience student life?

This is a question I get asked a lot and the answer is “YES, most definitely!” Before and after seminars you can still go out with friends and explore the city. My favourite places to go before a seminar are:

1. My Old Dutch pancake house which has the most amazing pancakes that are affordable for students

2. Drury 188-189 which is a small coffee shop, ideal for meeting friends and grabbing a coffee and a bite to eat.

3. After Uni, cocktails are a very popular option - make sure to look out for some great discounts!


Commuting was the best option for me as my journey wasn’t too long and overall was a lot cheaper than staying in student accommodation. Having a student rail card gives you a discount on all train fares which is great when you are on a tight budget. Another top tip would be to book your tickets early! Often prices go up the closer you get to when you need to travel, so booking early means you get everything a lot cheaper.

What are my top tips for commuting?

1. Know your route (but also an alternative route in case trains are cancelled, or there are road works!)

2. Trains can get cancelled, so take stuff to do and make sure your phone is charged (or carry a portable charger with you!).

3. Create a travelling playlist and have music on your phone so you don’t have to use up all your data.

4. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes – commuting in uncomfortable shoes can be difficult (especially if your commute involves lots of walking too).

-By Lucy Packman (1st year Business Management with Marketing student)