Hi! My name's Dominic Strachan and I'm a third-year VFX student. Over the last couple of weeks, I have had the wonderful opportunity to participate in one of Escape Studios’ Work Fitness Weeks.

These weeks happen once a semester and allow us to gain some invaluable insight into the industry we want to get into. Run by Will and Andy from the Talent Development Team, the week often consists of events ranging from Inside a VFX company like ILM or MPC’ to having mock interviews with recruiters from some of the biggest names in the industry!

Mock Interviews

As a third-year student, these weeks are extremely important as they help us to prepare for the industry, so I attended all of the events that took place! One event that demonstrates this in particular, was the mock interviews.

Mostly dedicated to the third years, masters and short course students, the mock interviews are designed to prepare us for real job applications. We get the chance to have a 1-2-1 career conversation with a recruiter where they give us top tips and advice. It also allows us to meet the people who could be hiring us in the future!

I was lucky enough to have my mock interview with the CEO of Fix FX, Colin Kennedy. The interview was great, Colin was lovely to talk to and we bonded over some funny aspects of the VFX industry.

Industry Day

Another event I enjoyed was Industry Day. The Industry Day typically happens at the end of a Work Fitness Week. We get talks throughout the day from a range of companies such as Framestore, Aardman and Creative Assembly.

This was one of my favourite events as we were able to see behind the scenes of top creative industry companies. A key highlight was being able to see how the companies have responded and kept working through the lockdown. Framestore in particular showed how they have thrived during this time, presenting even more opportunities. My friends and I tagged the Framestore talk as ‘The Good News Show’.

Overall I really enjoyed this year's Work Fitness Week and I would very much recommend them to other students. The opportunities and learnings from the events are just endless, so don't hesitate to get involved!