Hi! My name's Hillary Ologe and i'm a first-year Business Management student here at Pearson Business School. I recently attended my first Work Fitness Week where the Talent Development team deliver a wide variety of events designed to educate us about the industry. Hear about my experience below.

‘Learning From Leaders’

Work Fitness Week kicked off with the ‘Learning from Leaders’ session with entrepreneur, Michael O’Toole. Having left Morgan Stanley to start his enterprise in emotional intelligence, he delivered an insightful presentation about his career and we also had the opportunity to ask him questions in an interactive Q&A.

Within the session, Michael highlighted the difference between leadership and management. I found it inspiring that even if you don’t have a title, anyone can be a leader as long as you are making a positive change around you in any way that you can.

I got to introduce and welcome Michael O’Toole at the beginning of the event. As a first-year who had only just started, I was incredibly nervous, but it was a fantastic opportunity to improve my presenting and public speaking skills! Before the event, I had some questions to ask Michael, so I reached out to him on LinkedIn and we arranged a call. I’ve now developed a great connection, so the experience has been really valuable.

‘Marketing Mastery’ Panel

Following on from Michael O’Toole’s session there was a Marketing Panel where six marketing experts shared their expertise on the industry and how we can get our feet in the door. It was great to hear from so many professionals, each at different stages of their careers. We got to learn from industry veterans who had worked for huge companies, but we also got to hear from young professionals like alumni, Rea Averill, who is the CEO of a marketing agency! From this session, I could see what kind of career pathways I could take, and it facilitated me in researching what areas of marketing I would like to go into.

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

CV Clinic and Mock Interviews

As a student, I was fortunate enough to have a 1-2-1 career focussed conversation with a representative from Pearson plc. It was really helpful to speak with a professional as they gave me some invaluable advice about my CV. They helped me with improving both the formatting and organisation of my CV. The fact that I got to speak with a potential employer meant that I could tailor my CV to exactly what recruiters are looking for, which will only help me in the long run.

Virtual Careers Fair

Work Fitness Week was concluded with the Virtual Careers Fair where we got to hear from professionals from the likes of Mastercard, Estee Lauder and Enterprise! They discussed what opportunities they currently offer such as graduate roles and internships. I got a great insight into the companies as well as the current industry landscape. It helped me decide what kind of company I may want to work for, and I also picked up some top tips that will help me in the recruitment process. Having the chance to actively engage and ask questions to these employers was a fantastic experience and something I could mention if I ever chose to apply to one of the companies.


Overall, Work Fitness Week was a great learning opportunity. I got to develop my transferable and soft skills as well as learn about the industry and where I may want to go. Despite only being in my first few weeks of the term, I’ve learnt so much and developed a great network. I’m now looking forward to applying to part-time roles and internships.

To all current students, I would certainty recommend attending the events during Work Fitness Week. There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain. Just go for it, put yourself out there and even volunteer to introduce a speaker!