Business Management is one of the most popular pathways of study due to its versatility and transferable nature. It focuses on the core concepts surrounding businesses as well as leadership and management theory.

At Pearson College London, we offer a variety of Business Management pathways where you can choose to specialise in Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, or you can simply choose to study Business Management on its own!

Check out our top five reasons why you should study Business Management below.

1. Employability

Our first reason why you should study Business Management is the fantastic employability prospects that you will have during and after your degree. HESA Graduate Outcomes data shows that around 85% of business and administrative studies graduates are in full-time employment. Here at Pearson College London, we’re also in the top 5% for UK Graduate Employment.

As a Business Management student, you will develop transferable skills and business acumen, which is what employers tend to look for in job candidates. We’re dedicated to supporting all our students to become career-ready by the time that they graduate and move into the workplace.

2. Graduate Destinations

Building on our last reason, as a Business Management student you can go on to have a wonderful career. Here are just a few of our alumni success stories:

· Andrea Valente studied Business Management and has now gone on to work at Bloomberg, an FTSE250 company

· Chris Achiampong studied our Business Management Degree Apprenticeship and now works as a Client Manager at IBM in the distribution sector

· Business Management and Entrepreneurship graduate, Talia Grantham, is now the Chief Operating Officer at Bright/Shift

· Rea Averill who studied Business Management and Marketing is now the CEO of Agency A, a creative communications company

3. Salary

Having a good salary is always a bonus which is why you’ll be glad to hear that Business and Administration is one of the highest-paid industries with an average starting salary at just under 25K. There is plenty of opportunities to progress with this whether you choose to work your way up in a company or even start your own venture!

4. Learn about multiple business areas

As part of a Business Management degree, you’ll get the opportunity to study all aspects of the business including Finance, Marketing, Operations, Leadership and you even plan to start your own business in the first year of our Business Management courses! As a result, you’ll graduate as a well-rounded student with knowledge in multiple business areas.

Our specialised pathways mean that you get to shape your future with elective modules where you can choose exactly what you want to learn.

Even if you’re not entirely sure of what career pathway you’d like to take there’s plenty of time to experiment with the support of our Academic and Talent Development teams.

5. Develop Core Skills

Regardless of what industry you go into, you will be working for a business therefore Business Management will provide you with core, transferrable skills that will equip you for life.

At Pearson College London, we’re here to give you much more than a degree which is why our Talent Development team introduced the Work Fitness Programme which is designed to build your skillset so you can shine in the workplace.

Alongside your academic studies, you’ll have access to a programme of events, conferences, workshops, resources, and unique opportunities to build your career from day one. Here are just some of the skills you can develop.

· Networking

· Problem-Solving

· Management and Leadership

· Communication and presenting

· Critical/Strategic thinking

Watch this space as you'll soon get to hear from our students studying Business Management and their career aspirations.

If you would like to find out more about our Business Management courses you can head over to our dedicated webpage