My name is Riya, and I am in my 1st year of BA (Hons) Business Management degree at Pearson College London. Currently, I am studying from home and enjoying the remote learning environment.

How is your experience studying from home?

It was quite daunting at first having to study from home right when I was entering higher education. The fear of not being able to make new connections and enjoy the social life that most students desire; the stress of having to teach yourself the contents as you have never experienced online teaching. It was hard to wrap my head around what my life as a student would be like at the start of my journey.

Although I am a homebody person and an introvert, I was not sure how remote learning was going to work in terms of getting support and new experience, making friends or building the social network that I was initially looking forward to when applying to Pearson College London. As I got accustomed to online learning and meeting new people virtually, it wasn’t as terrifying as I imagined it would be. Despite the first few challenging days of using new online platforms, my experience of the remote learning environment overall had been smooth and my timetable was also flexible. I was able to manage my time well from studying, relaxing and getting involved in the Work Fitness events.

My experience studying from home at Pearson College London has gone surprisingly well so far because the College continued to keep us updated and improve our new ways of learning by providing an online industry-focused learning environment. I like that the teaching style is relevant and it focuses on the current issues and incorporates the industry into learning. I don’t believe that studying from home has affected my education while being here in Pearson College London. I would like to believe that they have handled switching to remote learning even better than other UK universities!

What are your top tips to stay focused?

I think it is crucial to have a work desk / area to stay focused and in the ‘zone’ as the comfort of your bed or couch will most likely cause tiredness and demotivation. Despite the comfort, your bed is ultimately your foe so it is worth investing in a table and a chair when it comes to working on your upcoming assignments. I was lucky enough to have a small workspace that allows me to avoid distractions and concentrate. Also, I do recommend putting your phone away while you’re concentrating on your work, as even one trivial notification could cost you hours of study time!

What helps me concentrate when I start to stress is planning what to do for the following days to come. It helps me stay focused when I plan ahead because it means that I am managing my time and setting goals for myself to complete. Of course, you may consider time tables to help you be more organised however I have not been able to stick to a timetable at home as there are many factors to take into consideration. For me, each day is never the same which is why I plan at the beginning of my day. My advice is the importance of creating a schedule or a routine to understand what method of organisation suits you best for your learning.

Have you got any positive experiences to share?

If Pearson College London is the institution for you then make sure you do participate and get involved as there are many activities and opportunities available to you. Every university offers more than just education and it is up to you how you spend your time once you get into higher education. There will always be new ways for you to get involved but do not hold out and limit yourself because you do not have the experience, the knowledge or the skills. I suggest giving everything a go that seems within your capabilities or reach higher.

The reason why I chose Pearson College London is because of my lack of experience and I wanted to take part in many different things so that I could grow my knowledge and skills. I did hold out on many occasions but entering university has given me the confidence to put myself forward and try new things.

-By Riya Shrestha (1st year Business Management Student)