Hi! my name's Sharonjot Samra and I'm an Accounting student here at Pearson College London. I'm currently completing a Finance Internship at AllEyes, a fashion trend forecasting and consultancy company. Read about my experience so far in this blog.

The Application Process

The AllEyes Internship was advertised on Pearson College London's LinkedIn group and when I saw what the finance role involved, I applied immediately! After filling out my details and sending off my CV, I was invited to a virtual interview with the co-founders of All Eyes. The interview required me to tell the founders a bit about myself and what I am interested in. I explained my interest in finance and what I could bring to the role then a week later I was offered the internship!

About My Role

My role as the Finance Intern at All Eyes involves creating financial documents such as cash flow statements. Through previous years' data and research of competitors, I prepare financial forecasts with multiple scenarios and business models.

The role allows me to work alongside the other interns in our team where share our ideas and knowledge. I currently work a couple of hours a week which means I can stay organized and complete all my tasks. The environment is completely flexible and allows me to work around my studies and other commitments.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Projects I've worked on

So far, I've worked on preparing an easy-to-use, reactive, cash flow template that suits All Eyes' needs which I presented to the founders. It included multiple subscription tiers, marketplace fees and break-even point.

The Cash Flow project involves picking out the most direct route to success and determining the investment required. The objective is to ensure that cash flows are reported in a form that highlights the significant components and facilitates comparison of the cash flow performance of different businesses.

Being able to put my classwork into action has allowed me to incorporate the different financial statements and create a professional financial document that we can show to potential investors.

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Advice to other students

When applying for work experience or internships, narrow down the field depending on the subject you're interested in. Apply everywhere, not just the big firms! Make sure you do your research and individualise your CV to what recruiters want. If you are looking to get experience, focus on the job description rather than what the company is. It's also important to stay determined and constantly reach out to your networks on Linkedin as there are always new opportunities available for students.

-By Sharonjot Samra, (Accounting Student)