You’ve just started your journey to finding an apprenticeship? Congratulations, how exciting! Apprenticeships are a really great way to earn whilst you learn so if you’ve decided college or university isn’t right for you, you’ve made a fantastic decision for your future by choosing to apply for apprenticeships.

To help you secure the perfect opportunity for you, we have put together our 5 top tips when applying to apprenticeships.

1. You have to be proactive

There is no set deadline to apply for apprenticeships like there are for traditional educational routes such as the UCAS deadline, which is the same date every year. Every employer will open and close their application processes at different times. We would suggest you set time aside in your calendar each week dedicated to your apprenticeship search so you don’t miss opportunities.

2. Research the employer’s process

As mentioned above, every employer has a different process so it’s important that you research the company you are applying to and have a good understanding of what they’re looking for. Here is the information about applying to apprenticeships at Pearson College London.

3. Research the employer in general!

As well as using the company's website, there are lots of other great resources available where you can find out more about the employer. These online resources usually offer more than just information about the process, but also about the company, what they’re looking for and on some sites, you can even set up alerts when their job goes live. For example, here is the Pearson College London profile page on Not Going to Uni.

4. Get someone to check your application for you before you submit it

Before you press that slightly scary but very important “submit” button, ask a teacher, parent/guardian or friend to read your application over for you. A second set of eyes can often pick up on small mistakes and typos. They may also give suggestions of things you have missed or ways that you can improve your application.

5. Be confident, know your skills and communicate them clearly

This is not the time to dim your light! You are amazing, you have skills that other applicants don’t BUT the employer won’t know this unless you tell them. So put on your positive pants because this is the time to show off your skills, what you are good at and why that employer should hire you.

Best of luck with your apprenticeship applications! If you’d like to know more about Pearson College London's apprenticeship process, here are their FAQs and here is information on how you can contact them.