We sat down with 1st year Business Management Student, Saagar Chana who gave us his account of Work Fitness Week. Check out what he had to say about our 'Conversation With William Good' session.

Tell me a bit about yourself

My name is Saagar Chana, I‘m from London and I am currently studying Business Management at Pearson College London.

Why did you decide to attend the event?

I have a profound interest in the advertising industry so I thought that this Work Fitness session was a perfect opportunity to learn more about it. WPP is an advertising giant and after reading about William Good, one of the most successful individuals at WPP, I knew that this event would be time well spent. I also attended in the hope of gaining an understanding of the qualities and skills needed to succeed in the industry.

Walk me through the session, what were the main highlights?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the event took place through Zoom. Mr Good began by talking to us about his extremely fascinating career. He then took us on a journey through the typical stages of a career in the advertising sector. Following on from this he took some questions from the audience. For me, the main highlight of the event was when I was able to ask Mr Good the following question: “what is the most important aspect of a negotiation?" I was incredibly grateful to have my questioned answered by a professional who has reached such a high position in the industry which displays the privileges that students at Pearson College London have.

What top tips did you take from the session?

The whole session was immensely useful, however Mr Good’s advice on job interviews really stood out to me. He mentioned that it's especially important for an individual to have confidence and of course know their material. However one point he made really intrigued me. He stated that as interviewees we should remember that, even though we are being interviewed for a position, an interview is also a chance for the candidate to assess if the company is right for them. Therefore we should always treat interviews as an opportunity to advance our careers.

How do you think this compliments your studies?

I believe that the talk really complimented my studies, as I have not yet covered modules related to advertising. When I do cover it the experiences and information that I have learnt from the talk with Mr Good, will certainly provide me with a greater understanding of the modules as I will be armed with case studies and stories of practical experience.

After hearing from William Good, what are your next career steps?

After attending the event with William Good, I am pleased to say that my interest in the advertising industry has increased. I will ensure that I follow his advice in regards to negotiation and interview success to further advance my career.

Courtesy of Saagar Chana