If you’re in the process of creating a portfolio for your application to Escape Studios, you may be wondering what to include and what quality / standard your work should be. After reading our Creative Portfolio Guide and watching our Creative Portfolio advice video below, you may need some inspiration to help get you started, and what’s more useful than taking a look at what some of our current students included?!

Different types of portfolios

At Escape Studios, we welcome applicants from a wide range of different creative backgrounds for our VFX, Game Art and Animation undergraduate degrees. This means that even if you’ve never used any of the software that we teach here before, that’s completely okay! Or if you have had the chance to try the software before (for example during one of our Taster Days), that’s great too.

What we are fundamentally looking to see is:

  1. A passion for the creative industries and a willingness to learn about your subject.
  2. Your inspiration - why do you want to get into the industry?
  3. Objective thinking - what would you change if you could do that piece of work again?
  4. A willingness to work as a team

Portfolio 1 - by Jordan Coles

Most of Jordan’s 3D portfolio and post-production VFX portfolio was self-taught since his college course focused on using Adobe Animate (shown in his 2D showreel).

Jordan applied for our MArt The Art of Computer Animation course.

Portfolio 2 - by Daniel Rowe

Daniel used examples of work that he taught himself through online tutorials in his spare time. His portfolio included a mixture of 3D modelling, basic rigging/animation, simulations and motion tracking.  

Daniel applied for our BA (Hons) The Art of Visual Effects course.

Portfolio 3 - by Hannah Clark

Hannah applied as a mature student with a strong background fine art specialising in illustration for sequential art (comics). She freelanced on the side of her main job, working on a few indie comic projects and a 2D game as well. She won the Game Art Scholarship in 2017 with her portfolio!

Hannah applied for our BA (Hons) The Art of Video Games course.

More examples and advice

To find out more about Creative Portfolios, join us at one of our upcoming Taster Days where we’ll give you some top tips and advice, as well as software demonstrations for each discipline. You can also take a look at some more portfolio examples in our video below!