About Us

All Eyes applied to Pearson’s Startup in Residence (SiR) programme as a fashion trend forecasting business - that is how we made a name for ourselves after all. Forecasting fashion trends for some of the UK's biggest retailers, from a street level, rather than from the catwalk down.

The industry we are tackling is full of problems. Most of which revolve around exclusivity, affordability and the issue of generic and untailored insights. Ultimately, you pay a lot of money for the same insights as your competitors, from companies who have so much power they have become self-fulfilling prophecies, rather than accurately forecasting consumer needs and wants.

We had been designing an online platform to tackle these problems. A way for professionals to forecast their own trends, relevant to their customer, at an affordable price as a team, centralising brand identity once again.

Persevering Through The Pandemic

We were crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s, getting ready to join the SiR programme. Then lockdown hit.

Rather than panic, we explored the ‘new norm’ and how it might look for us. Remote working and the passion economy jumped out as two areas we wanted to focus on. And, on reviewing our platform, we could easily re-prioritise its features to quickly adapt. There was a huge opportunity.

The SiR programme couldn’t have come at a better time - for us, and the students. When engaging with students and universities, It is always important to us to ensure the partnership is mutually beneficial.

Some of the courses we have come across, would usually involve students working on their own businesses, and sadly, for obvious reasons, many have been unable to do that this year. So having a real startup business to engage with is really filling a void for the students, and we are seeing a hugely positive response from the students and extraordinary engagement with All Eyes.

As the world has changed, so has our market and we have a lot of assumptions to test, something that is key to every decision we make. Thankfully, that ties in nicely with a bunch of the courses here at PCL. There’s no shortage of willing and enthusiastic students to sink their teeth into our research projects. Meaning they will be integral to the shape of the final product, something that they will all, hopefully, be very proud of.

Future Plans

As it stands, we have already filled one internship position and have given projects to a number of classes. Including some research opportunities for self-managed learning modules. We have some challenges ready to go on the Bubl platform and have been involved in a number of workshops and presentations.

We will be looking to fill further roles at All Eyes and are currently looking for a Finance and Investment Intern - someone to help prepare financial documents and forecasts for our investment efforts towards the end of the year.

Our immediate plans on the SiR programme are to define our new market, our pricing structure and to start making meaningful connections with customers and investors. Whilst taking full advantage of all the opportunities Pearson College London throws our way.

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By Lucas Shorvon, Co-Founder of All Eyes