What course did you study?

I was successful in applying for the Pearson Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship scheme, studying a BA (Hons) Business Management degree alongside a full-time role in Marketing at Pearson.

Where did you work as part of your Degree Apprenticeship?

My first role was Marketing Assistant at Escape Studios (part of Pearson College London) before moving into a Marketing Coordinator role at Pearson Business School, where I learnt the fundamentals of marketing through managing marketing campaigns.

As I went into my final year of study, I was successful in applying for a vacant Marketing Executive position, moving away from Pearson College London and into an entirely different business unit within Pearson; UK Pearson Online Learning Services (UK POLS). This was a great opportunity to further develop my digital marketing knowledge, analyse performance in a new context and gain experience in account management.

After having recently finished my Degree Apprenticeship and ready for a new challenge, I was successful in applying for another internal promotion to Partnership Marketing Manager in the UK POLS team – which I’m due to start early November.

What were some of your highlights from your apprenticeship?

My apprenticeship was a whirlwind to say the least, but I’ve squeezed this into three top highlights:

1. Achieving a first-class degree – my top highlight was definitely finding out that I’ll be graduating with first-class honours, rewarding my hard work and lots of late nights studying over the past three years!

2. Collaborating with a diverse range of people – my classes were mixed with apprentices from a variety of companies from L'Oréal and IBM, to TfL and the BBC, so I got to meet lots of like-minded professionals who were going through the same experience of balancing work, study and a social life, while on a time-intensive scheme. Plus, as I moved roles within Pearson, I have experienced working with different teams and their unique working practices and management styles.

3. Recognition through internal promotions – I feel that my experience shows that an apprenticeship with a long-time commitment (3 years) does not mean that your career is static for its duration when you are part of a supportive company. My apprenticeship was agile and allowed me to earn internal promotions so that I did not have to wait until I completed the programme to progress my career.

How has your apprenticeship helped you in getting to where you are today?

My apprenticeship was undoubtably one of the best decisions I’ve made and is owed huge credit for launching and accelerating my career in Marketing. Being able to apply what I learnt straight away into my role meant that I was not only reading and hearing about the world of business, but experiencing it too. The apprenticeship had a huge impact on me personally as it built my confidence and has motivated me to strive for success in everything I do.

Looking back on your apprenticeship, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Take advantage of every opportunity as this is paramount to gaining a richer and holistic view of an organisation. Whether this is speaking at external events or leading team meetings to improve your presentation and communication skills, additionally managing a new project or providing training for new team members, as all of these experiences support your career development and help you widen your perspective.

What advice would you give to someone looking to apply for an apprenticeship?

Give it your all – you only have one opportunity to prove why you’re the best candidate for the scheme so make sure your application highlights your strengths, you demonstrate you’re determined and hardworking during the interview process and most importantly, always remain true to yourself. Companies aren’t looking for the same cardboard cut-out of a ‘perfect’ employee, but instead individuals who are driven and can bring different qualities to the team.