This September we welcomed our students to a term that has been like no other. At Pearson College London we’re taking a blended learning approach whereby students can come in and study their modules partly face-to-face, and partly online. Find out more about their experiences below.

Adapting to the ‘new normal’

"Being able to study with a blended approach has meant that I can still have the face-to-face feedback and interactions I need to feel motivated, whilst also have access to every single lesson, online or in person, as a recording so being able to review notes and techniques has actually never been easier for me."

- Robyn Kirk

Our students have adapted well to the blended learning approach and continue to receive feedback and have key touchpoints with tutors to ensure they are on the right track. Using the online learning environment platform, BlackBoard, we are also able to provide students with recordings of each session making it easily accessible to re-watch and make any notes.

"I think that Pearson College London have done a great job with the learning platform we use in order for us to still have a similarity of being in class."

- Antonia Buttigieg

Keeping in contact

We understand that students may feel dethatched from university life whilst studying from home, which is why we have increased our communication and support to students across Pearson College London.

"The communication received from Pearson College London has been clear, detailed and regular, which is exactly what students need in this time of uncertainty."

- Ilona Munn

Ensuring safety for students

Our team have been working hard to make sure that students stay safe whenever attending live classes on campus.

"Students and Staff at the College have been given a separate entrance to the 190 High Holborn building to maintain their own bubble from other Pearson staff. The building has a one-way system in place throughout with arrows signs and hand sanitiser points, with each class getting their own breakout space to keep everything safely socially distanced. And of course, masks should be on when travelling around the building as well as needing to fill out an online health declaration the day before you come to College every time to ensure students do not enter the building with symptoms."

- Robyn Kirk