My name is Ilona, and I am in my 2nd year of my MLaw degree. I am currently on the integrated masters course at Pearson College London.

What were some of your key considerations when applying to universities?

When I think back to applying for university, I remember feeling so overwhelmed, as there are so many choices and it is a really key decision in a young person’s future. However, it was actually my mum who helped me figure it out. You shouldn’t always let someone else influence your decision, but this was not the same. We had been to visit several different universities and my mum said that I looked happiest and seemed the most impressed when we went to see Pearson College London.

I loved the location, it meant that I could see London all the time and I could commute from home. The classes in particular were small, which was perfect for me as I prefer a close-knit environment. The course was also incredibly practical, and Pearson College London has an ethos to connect classroom to industry and prepare you for working life, which I resonated with. These are just some of the reasons I applied, and I am grateful that I did every day.

What made Pearson Business School stand out to you?

Pearson Business School has always stood out to me. It was completely different to all of the other universities I had gone to see, and I saw that as a really positive thing. I liked the idea of attending a boutique institution, it was easy to navigate and my classes were small. This enabled the teaching to be more focused and there were more opportunities for one-on-one time with lecturers. It also stood out because of the lecturers still being in practice. Their hands-on experience allows for a wider knowledge and expansive teaching capabilities. When they bring in their own current experiences, it is easier to connect with the learning and appreciate how it’s relevant to the career we have chosen.

How has your experience been so far?

My expectations of university have been widely exceeded. I have done so much that I never thought I would, met people that I had never dreamed I would and have learnt so much about law and life itself. I have had so many opportunities that never would have arisen without me attending Pearson College London and these opportunities have shaped my student experience.

What advice would you give to someone making a UCAS application?

My advice to someone making a UCAS application would be make sure you research and try to attend an open day (virtual or in-person) to get a feel for each university you are interested in. Also, try and talk to current students as they will have an insight into what student life is actually like, and will give you a greater idea if it is the right place for you.

-By Ilona Munn (2nd year MLaw student)