I’m Antonia Buttigieg, a 3rd year student studying Business Management at Pearson College London. This blog is all about the internship I was fortunate to get despite the lockdown circumstances.

About Wurkr and what my internship involves

I currently work as an Intern for Wurkr, a video platform start-up who help turn a physical office into a virtual office. My role here is a part of the sales team in charge of Customer Success. Working at Wurkr is great as I work from home online, enabling people to work together from anywhere.

At Wurkr we use a two-week sprint method for getting tasks completed. I have currently been on a research project which involved finding other start-up companies to target that I believed could make good use out of Wurkr. Once I had completed my Excel spreadsheet on 100s of companies I then began to personally message them via LinkedIn and collected bookings for them to have a free demo with the business. This has definitely been my favourite task yet as I was thrown straight in the deep end which I am truly grateful for as it allowed me to put my sales skills forward, which increased my confidence on being a success to the business.

Zoom call with coffee
Photo by Chris Montgomery / Unsplash

What I’ve learned so far

I have learnt many things from my new internship but in particular, they have really helped me expand my sales technique in terms of not making it too salesy and building a corporate relationship in which has helped me speak to CEO’s of companies. This technique helps entice them to join the business and use our service.

The virtual internship is currently a great experience and I am so grateful for the opportunity. Prior to Covid 19 this business was already around and had great clients that they have been working with since they began. A virtual internship is so much fun being able to chill in your own home and yet work with real people helping grow a start-up company, especially without having to travel anywhere. I would definitely recommend a virtual internship and working for a virtual company. In my opinion it’s the exact same has face to face work but better.

How I got my internship

The one person I have to truly thank for this opportunity is Sandra Thompson, my mentor and a previous lecturer of mine. She made a really nice post about me on LinkedIn which allowed employees of companies to see that I was looking for an internship which I was about to give up looking for due to the Covid 19 situation and the impact it had on employees. This is when the founders of Wurkr were contacted about me and that’s when I was given an interview and shortly after offered the Internship.

My advice to anyone seeking a virtual internship

My advice to others for virtual internships/work experience is to for sure go for the job. It is a great opportunity and even better to bank on your CV for when it comes to finding you permanent career. There may also an opportunity for them to offer you a permanent job for the future. Don’t miss out on these opportunities, walk through the open door and grasp them with two hands. Lastly even when things look unlikely… don’t give up… good comes to those who wait.

-By Antonia Buttigieg (3rd year Business Management student)