I’m Antonia Buttigieg, a 3rd year student studying Business Management at Pearson College London. This blog is all about how having a mentor helps me plan for the future and keeps me on track if need be with my studies and work.

Mentors and Personal Tutors

A mentor is an individual who shares their knowledge, personal experience and advice to their mentee. In other words, it’s a relationship between two people with the goal of professional and personal development. I managed to get a Personal Tutor (Sandra Thompson) through Pearson College London as part of the wider student support that is offered. An email was sent out and we filled in a short survey saying why we wanted a mentor and who out of the options we wanted. I chose Sandra as I knew her and had her as a previous lecturer and found her teaching really helpful.

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Benefits of having a mentor

A mentor is great at providing support they are trusted advisors who have “been there, done that”. Sandra supports and encourages me all the time by offering suggestions and knowledge. She helps me improve my current skills in order to hopefully advance me with my career after I graduate. My mentor also helped me massively when it came to me getting an internship. I was very close to giving up and she encouraged me not to. She then made a very nice post about me on LinkedIn that grasped many likes and attention, opening the door for me with my current internship company, Wurkr.

If it wasn’t for me getting Sandra as a mentor I honestly don’t think I would have got an internship during this pandemic, which is why I highly recommend getting a mentor as they are great help and a great person to talk to when it comes to your work and studies. They for sure put your mind at rest when feeling stressed about the smallest thing.

-By Antonia Buttigieg (3rd year Business Management student)