Moving to a completely new city in the midst of a global pandemic may not sound like a good idea, especially given the fact that, as of writing, we now can't even socialise indoors, but this has not stopped Pearson College London from organising an amazing set of events to welcome new students.

Welcome Day

On my first week here, I attended a Welcome Day, where we played Covid Secure Mini Golf! It was a great way to meet my fellow students who were going to be in all of my classes. We also had several introduction videos from different members of the team; so even though we couldn't meet in person, it suddenly felt like there was a community of people supporting our transition to higher education.

Moving to London

I had also decided to move into student accommodation, so managing the switch to independent living was a shock to say the least! It did mean though, that I got to meet so many other Pearson College London students, and the most amazing flatmates! Whilst socialising may be limited to the day for now, me and my friends love exploring London together!

Blended learning

Since term has started, I go into campus two days a week for seminars, and it is great because I can interact with all the other students and still debate and discuss the content we learn online - in my opinion the best part about Business! All of our seats are socially distanced so we all feel safe, and we wear masks as required too.

Work Fitness and Freshers Week events

In October we have had so many online events running, from Work Fitness Week, to Fresher's Week, it's been incredibly busy! To me, what makes Pearson College London so different to any other university, is the exposure we get to industry.

For example, during Work Fitness Week, I got to have a 1:1 with a recruitment professional, from career development company INTOO, who went through my CV and worked with me on improving my elevator pitch. It was amazing to get feedback, as in reality, you're lucky to get feedback from an interview, let alone a CV! I also attended an Excel workshop, which is a skill I've been asked about in countless interviews, and so I can now finally say I know the basics! During Fresher's Week, there was a quiz night, societies fair, and so much more!


Another opportunity I've stumbled across was TEDxPCL. I met Thibau Grummett, this year's organiser, at an online event during Induction Week, not only did I get to be the Photographer at this year's event, I am now officially the organiser for TEDxPCL 2021! Already, it has been such a rewarding experience, I am currently in the process of talking to potential speakers and getting my team together to create what I'm sure will be an amazing day!

I've been here a little over 6 weeks, and so I am by no means an expert, but all I can say is that opportunities are still out there, and take as many of them as you can! Thank you to the amazing Student Experience Team, Talent Development Team, and everyone in the PCSA for organising some brilliant events!

-By Amber Wilkins (1st Year Business Management with Marketing Student)