Where have you completed your internship?

I undertook a virtual internship opportunity with Pearson’s Efficacy Strategy and Development team. The team is driving evidence-based selling, which is the process of collecting and using customer stores, data from sales and current trends and generating this into a strategy for success.

How did you find out about the opportunity?

I found the online internship opportunity through the Pearson College London Work Fitness Centre. The Work Fitness Centre is ‘the’ platform for professional development. Having a database of current opportunities alongside a quick and simple application process allows you not only to discover opportunities but also to take them on.

What did your role involve?

Psychological Safety for a PD session (personal development) - I helped with the development of materials to present to the team. It is a familiar concept from my first semester studies in the Professional Development and Customer Management Unit. The department will use this to promote a continuous learning culture where employees feel free to speak up and share ideas.

I was given the lead role to create the pre and post read materials (ensuring that the team was not only briefed but that they would continuously learn).

Next Gen Corporate reporting for the delivery team - As an individual who has studied Business at College and transitioned to a Business course at University, I have seen first-hand the way reports have started changing with more individuals wanting more visual representations. I was able to create a document and contribute to a new strategy of report writing where the customer is given the control. This is done through my ideas of having options where they can choose if they want to watch a video, read a text heavy or a not so text-heavy document.

Virtual Activity for the end of the PD week - I collaborated with creating a Kahoot quiz for the end of week celebration. A time to celebrate success as a team but also to conclude and set goals.

Communication - As an individual from a background of living in another country and parents who work for an international Christian charity, I have been able to interact and talk with a variety of different cultures. This helped develop my strength of communication which were put to the test as I thought ‘how do you communicate effectively through a live platform?’ Learning to be interactive and communicate with someone you will not meet face-face was a learning curve and going forward I have learnt how to communicate in a learner-friendly way.

How did you find the virtual internship experience?

I found my experience as a virtual intern to be a rewarding time as I have developed the ability to communicate effectively online, my time management skills and holding myself accountable because I am not in the office environment and finally, it showed me that the core skills I will develop and learn through my Marketing course are transferable to a strategy-based career.

What are your tips for someone seeking a virtual internship?

My three big tips for anyone who is going to take on a virtual internship/work experience are:

1. Manage your time effectively. You won’t have the morning commute into the office and co-workers around to hold you accountable so planning and managing your time is so important to getting the most out of the opportunity and completing assignments on time.

2. Setting personal goals of things you want to achieve and be accountable to them.

3. Learn the 60 second pitch. The concept that enables you to effectively introduce yourself in a professional and efficient manner – perfect for the online setting.

By Joseph Frost (2nd year Business Management and Marketing student)