Studying within an FTSE 100 company is a truly unique experience. Many unique opportunities come as a result of being a student at Pearson Business School. Here are just some of the things our students never thought they’d get to experience before starting their degree.

1) Meeting professionals from startups and multinational FTSE 100 companies

The first thing I never thought I would experience before starting my degree is being able to meet a range of different companies from SME and startup companies to FTSE 100, 250 and 500 Stock Exchange listed international companies. These ranges of companies have shown me personally such an insight into how different types of companies work and why they tend to operate in the way that they do. Examples of companies I have visited include BDO, PWC, The Access Platform (SME), L’Oréal, Savills and Unilever to name just some.
- Bradley Jones (4th year MSci Professional Accounting in Business student)

2) Meeting different CEO’s

I never thought that I would get to meet the CEO of Pearson, John Fallon or the creator of Reggae Reggae sauce, Levi Roots. It was such an honour to have met both esteemed individuals.”  
- Tiayanna Lall (3rd year Business Management student)

3) Being taught by industry professionals

I never thought that I would experience being taught by industry professionals. The tutors make it possible to understand how the theory they teach is applicable into real-world business situations they have actually been in themselves, not just situations that may have been in the news that they can apply theories to.”  
- Emily Lawrence (3rd year Pearson Degree Apprentice)

4) Connections with industry

The interactive industry days have been my top highlight so far. I have had several opportunities to meet successful managers of companies and have been given the opportunity to complete tasks for them within a competition at every event. The events also help provide us with the knowledge that can be used in our assignments and they are overall a great experience day!
-Antonia Buttigieg (3rd year Business Management student)

5) Development through the Work Fitness Centre

During a Work Fitness Week, there are a number of talks and workshops to help build your professional image. We have CV clinics, LinkedIn photo shoots, talks from entrepreneurs on a number of topics as well as a panel of business professionals on the last day where a business task is set for students to participate and win really cool opportunities.
-Sebastain Reca (3rd year Business Management and Marketing student)

6) Support and encouragement

For me personally it was the support and encouragement. Pearson College London does really well and offers loads of resources for student betterment and also runs lots of student events.
- Waisale Basilyo (3rd year MSci Professional Accounting in Business student)

7) Entrepreneurial spirit

I never thought I would experience before starting my degree the amount of support Pearson Business School gives to people that have strong entrepreneurial spirit. If you have a feasible business idea that you want to try and make a success then they will support you any way that is possible. Some people from my year set up their own companies and are becoming very successful with it. Just goes to show good support and hard work really will get you far.
-Bradley Jones (4th year MSci Professional Accounting in Business student)

8) Enjoying the course

In all honesty, my one thing was actually enjoying a degree. I never thought I’d go to university as academia isn’t something I've always enjoyed, but when Pearson Business School became an open opportunity for me I grasped it with both hands, having taken a huge risk and I’m glad I did. Pearson College London has allowed me to enjoy studying which I never thought could be possible... but I’m very glad I took this pathway.
- Antonia Buttigieg (3rd year Business Management student)

9) Skills development

I didn’t think I would be able to strengthen any other skills. Picking Law, I thought my experience of university was going to be all legal based. However this has not been the case. I’ve had many opportunities to expand my knowledge and skill set. These opportunities include a variety of business based modules and specifically a coding course that was based on campus.
-Ilona Munn (2nd year MLaw Professional Legal Practice student)

10) Central London location

The campus is located right in the heart of London meaning not only is it a beautiful area to study but there is so much to do before and after your lectures and seminars. Whether that is to grab food or drink from Holborn, go shopping in Oxford Circus, watch a performance at Covent Garden, go to the theatre. The possibilities of things to do are endless. Also traveling from the campus to the rest of London is an absolute breeze so going somewhere different in London is so much fun as well. Maybe try a night out in Shoreditch or Hackney or visit the East End for a different experience. Honestly the possibilities are endless for things to do.
- Bradley Jones (4th year MSci Professional Accounting in Business student)