I’m Mark and I’ve recently finished my Business Management degree at Pearson Business School! Looking back over the last three years, here’s are some key definitions and examples of modules I’ve studied.

What are core and elective modules, and what are credits?

Core modules are modules that are compulsory and elective modules are modules that you choose. In regards to credits, these are essentially how much your module is worth within your degree course.

"One credit is equivalent to 10 hours of contact hours, so if your module is worth 15 credits it will have 150 hours of work over the term. Usually, modules account for 15 credits but some double modules account for 30 credits."

-Sebastian Reca (3rd year Business Management and Marketing student)

What core modules have you studied?

An example of a core module that I studied was Principles of Business (worth 30 credits). This module was about running a business, as well as learning the financial aspects of a business such as net profit and gross profit.

The assessment consisted of a group work presentation and a written report assessment. My favourite part of this module was the group presentation because everybody in the group had to think of a business proposal and a strategy as if it were to be launched in real life. This was a great learning experience and would be useful to anyone who is thinking of pitching their business to a potential investor in the future.

What elective modules have you chosen?

One example of an elective module that I have personally chosen was Professional Behaviors and Customer Management. The reason why I chose this was because I wanted to learn and improve my knowledge on customer experience in relation and its importance to a business.

Another elective I chose was Introduction to Business Economics. The reason I chose this was so that I could learn the importance of supply and demand as well as problems that could impact businesses depending on its location.

However, my favourite module throughout the whole of my degree was People Management and Leadership because it was so enjoyable, especially the presentation. This is because the presentation involved working alongside with other people to create a game that shows diversity and inclusion. Overall, it was a fun experience and would highly recommend this module to anyone!

"In first year I also had the opportunity to choose two elective modules, I chose Self-managed learning and Agile App Design for my electives in the second term of first year. I chose Self-managed learning as it allowed me to research into any topic of my choice, I could learn a new language or research into a specific issue in business, it gave me the freedom to learn about topics which were interesting to me."

-Sebastian Reca (3rd year Business Management and Marketing student)

-Mark Concepcion (3rd year Business Management student)