Second Year, Business Management with Entrepreneurship Student, Thibau Grumett, recently attended the Virtual IBM Unite Day and participated in various challenges and workshops. The session was hosted by our Industry Partners, IBM, for our new startups-in-residence and students. Check out this blog from Thibau, about his experience at the IBM Unite Day on Wednesday 15th July.

"As our new team gears up to submitting our project to IBM’s 'Call For Code' challenge, we needed some creative and technological help. Pearson College London’s Bubl team pulled a few strings from Pearson College London’s industry partners and we immersed ourselves in IBM’s 'Thinking Collaboration' Workshop.

We turned up with a raw idea. A smart fridge concept allowing consumers to scan in food items, downloading their household food contents to an app. They would now know what they already had, it’s expiry dates and some cool recipes to use up forgotten foods, ultimately achieving less food wastage!

After an interactive introduction to the day’s schedule, we broke out into project teams. Here, IBM experts helped develop our ideas, set realistic tangible goals and, ultimately, guide us in the right direction. They challenged how we’d solve scanning-item problems, opened our eyes to the software possibilities and helped guide our MVP expectations.

Furthermore, we learnt about Webex, a video conferencing software, and Mural, an idea collaboration platform. Personally, I was blown away by Mural’s potential and will probably adopt it’s use in future teamwork. We also got to meet some cool people, who I’ve since connected with and will pick their brains as our challenge unfolds.

A massive thank you to Niamh Mulhall and Arnold du Toit for organising the day!"

At Pearson College London, we work with various industry partners, like technology giant, IBM, and several others, who provide our students with opportunities to become Work Fit. We also work with smaller start-ups, like our newest start-ups in residence: All Eyes, Tabled and Pet Instincts. Bubl is a unique hybrid of corporate venture and talent development programmes for large companies. Bubl builds bespoke start-ups aimed at the future of various sectors and industries.

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