The outbreak of COVID-19 'Coronavirus' has disrupted every walk of life and now more than ever, we want to help equip students, (the future workforce) with the resilience, skills and determination to thrive.

How we all work and study is very different to just a few months ago and, Pearson College London, like many businesses, has entered ‘agile mode’. As a community of staff, students, tutors and employers we have now adjusted to working at home, with business-running.

Our Agile-mode gives us the ability to pivot between different teaching and learning environments. Face-to-face teaching, online learning, blended modules and self-study. This is a challenging situation, however it also presents new opportunities for innovative learning methods and virtual engagement.

An example of this is the recruitment process for our latest degree apprenticeship scheme. To maintain the customer experience and not delay the recruitment process, Pearson College London has successfully started to deliver all workshops online. In just one week, we’ve created an online version of our Professional Workshop, using the new interview platform, Inzite.

There are many video calling apps out there, but we needed one that covered our entire workflow under a single online solution, with complete customisation and integrated with our website. Inzite brings personal interaction to our engagement, allowing direct messaging, phone and video calling, screen sharing and scheduling. As a result, we were able to arrange and conduct more interviews as we improved our process through automation and scheduling.

The platform has been used by a number of staff from around Pearson College London, who say it’s reliable and easy to use, while feedback from applicants has also been positive.