What is Bright/Shift?

Bright/Shift is one of Pearson College London’s Start-ups in Residence. We are a digital marketing agency that understands the transformative impact that social media has on society, and are driven to leverage this for good. Through partnerships with impact-driven organisations we help them make the most significant impact possible, through a data-driven approach to digital marketing.

What are you currently working on?

My current role within Bright/Shift is a Marketing Associate, which involves working on projects both in house and with clients. An example of a project I’ve worked on in house would be helping launch the ‘New Normal’ podcast aimed at highlighting businesses that have changed their operations to do good throughout COVID-19. I’ve also been working on client projects such as De-liver-ance and more recently Beigel Bake. Within both of these projects, my role is the Community Manager which involves running the social media accounts and managing traffic from advertising campaigns we run.

Harley working in the Studio Republic office, Winchester
Photo by Studio Republic / Unsplash

What have you learned from your internship?

I’ve learned many things from my internship so far, as I’ve been lucky enough to do a variety of tasks and work with various businesses. One of the major things I’ve learnt - partly thanks to COVID-19 - is the ability to communicate effectively and work as a team remotely. This will especially help me later on in my career as I personally think good communication is one of the most important factors of good management.

Another lesson I’ve learnt is when running advertising campaigns expect the unexpected, the general public can be sometimes very unpredictable meaning you have to think on your feet and be agile, this is something I think will give me a good advantage throughout my career.

How have you found the virtual internship experience?

Due to my internship starting in late February I was fortunate enough to be able to at least understand the basics of the company before working remotely as I had roughly four weeks before lockdown. However, I have found since working remotely, it hasn’t been anywhere near as daunting as I thought it would be. This is partly due to the fact both Toby (CEO and founder of Bright/Shift) and Talia (COO of Bright/Shift) have helped me massively, they’ve both been very supportive and helped me settle into the company which has had helped make the process of working from home far easier and more streamlined for me.

I definitely think a good team around you means when big transitions take place, i.e COVID-19, the repercussions of working from home are far less than what you expect. So overall I have found the virtual internship very interesting and enjoyable so far.

Photo by Estée Janssens / Unsplash

How did you find out about this opportunity?

I found out about this opportunity through the internship team, Amy and Arnold, both who have been very supportive and helpful in getting me this job. I had two meetings with them prior to being put in touch with Bright/Shift. Amy made sure I stood the best possible chance of getting an internship by going through my CV numerous times, emailing me job advertisements and also going through some interview prep.

What advice would you give to someone seeking a virtual internship?

I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an internship/work experience at Pearson Business School to book a meeting with our Guaranteed Internships Team; who can put you in the best possible position to secure an internship and has a vast network of contacts which means they know someone in almost any field of work.

Outside of this, I would also recommend attending network events through the Work Fitness Center and outside of Pearson Business School. A good example is the Google Start-up Pitch events. I found these great to go to as there were start-ups, investors, and an array of people that can help you build a solid network of contacts to support your career.

-By James Hymers (2nd year Business Management with Marketing student)