“Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible” - Barack Obama

Before starting your Law degree at Pearson Business School, take a look at our recommended reading list to get a taste of the course before studying it in depth.

Our top recommendations

  1. To Kill a Mockingbird - by Harper Lee
  2. The Anonymous Lawyer - by Jeremy Blachman
  3. The Secret Barrister: Stories of the Law and How it’s Broken - by The Secret Barrister
  4. Antifragile-Nassim Nicholas Taleb
  5. Law and Disorder - Absurdly Funny Moments from the Courts- by Charles Seville

Transitioning to degree level study

The move to university studies can be tricky in terms of academic writing, critical thinking and study skills. Although the books mentioned above can help give you a flavour of the course, we have some recommendations to help in transitioning to degree level studies.

  1. The Study Skills Handbook - by Stella Cottrell
  2. Cite Them Right: the essential referencing guide - by Richard Pears and Graham Shield
  3. Writing for University - by Jeanne Godfrey

There are also distinct ways of writing assignments on our Law courses. Although you’ll learn this in your first year, you can get a head start and take a look at some of the resources below:

  1. Glanville Williams: Learning the Law - by Glanville Williams
  2. English Legal System - The Fundamentals - by Jo Boylan-Kemp
  3. Studying Law - by Simon Askey and Ian McLeod
  4. Exam Success: The Law Student’s Guide to Mastering Revision and Exams - by Emily Finch and Stefan Fafinski
  5. How to Write Better Law Essays - by Steve Foster